Ladies On Their Periods Can Relate With These 5 Things

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Every girl,lady and woman can relate with these 5 things they do when they are on their periods.

1. Wondering, “Am I Crazy?”
It never fails, you know that it's PMS or your period in full swing causing you to violently sob at the sight of a puppy or the shoulder brush of a stranger who says “excuse me” a little too harshly, but that doesn't stop you from thinking you're having a meltdown.

2. Announcing You've Got It
When they need a tampon, they will go to great lengths to acquire it, even if that means marching right into the office of Susan from, to whom they've never previously spoken, to see if she's got product on her person.

3. Going for the Granny Panties
Yup, girls have all got underwear designated for the ole' menstrual cycle. There is no shame in that game

4. Two Words: Fetal Position
Under the desk at your office, on the floor of your bathroom—even a park bench will have to suffice sometimes. When severe cramps hit, you're suddenly able to perfectly replicate the position you maintained for nine months in your mother's womb.

5. Avoiding the Gym/Moving at All
You're bloated, bleeding, and more than likely, a little weepy. Even though exercise might lift the mood, you can't bring yourself to lift your body weight. You hunker down on the sofa until you've at least transitioned to a light flow tampon