2006 on comers

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Okay, the ban is mostly over which means competition is only going to get tight again. Some of those that shone in 2005 might not even get that chance again. But even with this, people would still emerge. NFN has gone into the industry to search for those that the producers would work with, those that the directors would work with, those that the audience would want to keep seeing and those we think have what it takes.


Director Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen believes actor Yemi Blaq would be a big contender in 2006. He says Blaq diction is superb and film makers are loving it. He also says Blaq is a talented actor who is willing to take challenges. Blaq who played the lead in last year's Christian love drama 'Lost To Lust' has also appeared in a good number of flicks which include 'Flying Without Wings' and most recently 'Total Control'. Blaq should play the leading man in alot of romantic flicks.


Yemi Blaq's co star in Lust To Lost, Mercy Johnson has definitely become one of Nollywood's fastest rising actresses. The ebony skinned beauty probably made her break through performance in 'Kill The Bride' alongside Rita Dominic and Mike Ezuruonye. Mercy Johnson is being praised by many for her ability to cry soconvincinly. She would later appear in Femi Ogedegbe's Yoruba thriller 'Orungbeja' among others.


Femi made his directorial debut with the urban drama Tears From The Ghetto and since then has directed Life Is Beautiful and Temi Ko among others. Femi recently finished work on the Yoruba Thriller 'Orungbeja' a film Femi directs like an already established pro. After the release of Orungbeja, Femi intends to make another Urban drama among a few other projects he intends to work on. Though Femi has been an actor until now, he has decided to take directing more seriously and with the time he spent both as a production assistant and then as an actor, Femi has learnt the art of directing.


Monalisa first caught the eye of the public in last years Girls In The Hood. Since then, she has featured in 'Lust To Lost', 'Fragile Pain', 'Blind Obsession', 'Enslaved' , 'Tight Corner' and most recently 'Total Control' among several others . Monalisa who is a very good friend of Rita Dominic is definitely another face you would get to see a lot in 2006.


Sam Uche made an impression on the movie audience in 2005's Songs Of Sorrow. Since then, Sam has appeared in 'Innocent Criminal' and 'Bombshell'. He got leading roles in Teco Benson' Day Of Atonement', 'Kill The Bride' and Dove Media's 'The Two Brothers'. Sam played a pretty prominent role on Wale Adenuga's Super Story. In 2006, Sam Uche would play more leads and become a bigger figure in Nollywood.