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Standard Alliance Insurance Plc, a member of the Standard Alliance Group, has said that it will introduce six new products in the form of scratch cards.

The General Manager, E-Business and Promotion, Standard Alliance Group, Mr. Abimbola Ogundokun, said this in a statement on Friday.

According to him, other products such as the group simple, easy for consumers and motor insurance recharge cards already in the market and gaining ground fast.

Ogundokun said, 'We are currently, through our special advertisements, educating the public on how to use the card since it is new to them. Our major concern is the customer's convenience.

'We reckon with the fact that customers do not have much time to move around to buy most of the products we offer. We are trying to make patronage simple for consumers through the scratch card.'

He noted that most communities across the country had not been penetrated by insurance companies due to their inability to have branches everywhere.

By the availability of scratch cards, he explained, more people would have access to insurance.

Ogundokun said the main idea was to fast-track the development of information technology-based business innovations to add value to the customer.

He hinted that there was a medium term plan to commercialise the services of the centralised IT unit in accordance with the e-Business initiative.

'We are placing everyone together to remove red-tapism in the system. In fact, setting up a central IT unit is necessary because that is the future of the financial services sector where we are a major player,' Ogundokun said.