Progressive Youth League Replies To Statement Issued By Chief Oyegun On Friday 7th Of October, 2016

By Progressive Youth Legue

On Tuesday 11th of October, 2016, The Progressive Youth League gave a press release in Lagos to respond the statement issued by Chief Oyegun on Friday 7th of October, 2016.

The Lagos State Coordinator of Progressive Youth Leagues, Comrade. Adeleke Abdulhakeem, while responding to the Chief Oyegun's statement issued to respond to the numerous allegations leveled against him by Asiwaju, he said "On September 8, 1854. in a speech delivered by Abraham Lincoln at Clinton, Illinios, he said and I quote“If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.

It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time", Pa. Oyegun has forfeited the confidence we the progressive youths had in him, he tried to fool Nigerians with his response to the accusations leveled against him by the national leader of the party Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but we the progressive youths have refused to be fooled.

"Last week friday precisely 7th of October, the National Chairman of APC, Pa. Oyegun responded to the allegations leveled against him by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but sadly after about a fortnight, Pa. Oyegun couldn't come up with clear, detailed and cogent statements or even accept the fact that he made a grievous mistake, he tried to refute those allegations with his well articulated 'facts' but in a truthful sense what he called 'the facts' was actually the fallacies. Perusing Pa. Oyegun's response to the allegations leveled against him by Asiwaju, alot of fabricated specious statements were uncovered and these have successfully arisen questions only Pa. Oyegun can entertain.

"Pa. Oyegun claimed that he didn't use prayer interlude to secretly excuse himself from the NWC meeting for the purpose of submitting Akeredolu's name to INEC, the fact is he left the meeting after he vetoed the appeal committee's recommendation, come to think of it, the primaries took place on September 3rd, why did the party wait till September 19th before holding the meeting that ended on the 22nd the last day for the submission of the party's candidate?.

"Pa. Oyegun even brushed aside brilliant suggestion by the national youth leader, Hon. Dasuki Jalo, that the party should submit an interim name to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) pending the time a political solution would be found to the matter, this singular suggestion by the national youth leader would have saved the party from the crisis its experiencing at the moment.

"Pa. Oyegun fallaciously said: “Voting on the issue became unnecessary and never took place in view of the NWC’s rejection of the appeal committee’s report” but the south south vice chairman, Eta Hilliard have relayed the true pictured of what transpired in Ondo primaries by saying in a news that“[at] that meeting, there were two reports before the NWC, that of the appeal committee was voted on", Pa. Oyegun claiming that there was no voting during the NWC meeting is a blatant fallacy, because the the last two NWC meetings were clearly recorded and the record shows the contributions of each and every member of the NWC present at the meetings.

"The South West National Chairman Chief Pius Akinyelure also confirmed the statement made by Eta Hilliard that NWC actually voted. The well orchestrated lies by Pa.Oyegun in a bid to redeem his personality that has been defamed with alot of anti-party actions and in actions and gross misconducts in the Ondo APC primaries can't hold water, because we are not fools, that will fall for every cooked up cheap fallacies"

Comrade Abdulakeem shed more light on what he called a doctored delegate list, he said "On the issue of 150 valid delegates that were swapped with imposter, Pa. Oyegun claimed in his press release that only qualified delegates were included in the list, but how manage a woman leader's name, a valid delegate was found missing on the list, yet pepper sellers and Okada rider names found their way to on the list?

"The fact is delegates were accredited in one place and driven to another place to vote. while in transit, they were swapped with impostors and pre-printed tags were handed over to the imported delegates while valid delegates couldn't get in, with the logistic processes been compromised,Ondo citizens and Nigerians at large were initially hoodwinked with the televised primary election processes, but in no time the true picture of what transpired in the fraudulent primaries came into limelight, it became clear that delegate list was doctored"

The Lagos State Coordinator of PYL explained further how APC will lose the November 26 governorship election, he said "In 2012 election, Aketi recorded a colossal loss, due to the fact that he was not a good match to Mimiko of LP and Oke of PDP and we certainly going to experience the same scenario this 2016 governorship election, except if APC rigs him into power, he is going nowhere. Primary election is part of the general election, the way a primary Election is conducted and managed has a great influence on whether a candidate will emerge victorious or not in the main election, with the situation on ground we dont need a soothsayer or fortuneteller to inform us that the November 26 governorship election in Ondo is either for Alliance for democracy AD or People Democratic Party PDP, Oyegun failed to manage the crisis that erupted after the APC primaries because he lacks managerial skill and the party will pay dearly for his corrigible mistakes.

"The table has miraculously turned, Alliance for Democracy party in Ondo is fast becoming the main threat to PDP in Ondo and not APC that was believed two months to be a party that will oust out PDP in Ondo come November 26 2016. AD in Ondo is now a movement, a moving train loaded with aggrieved APC members and PDP members. On the 25th of September the meeting held in Ondo state in APC camp recorded just 33attendants while that of AD recorded 393 attendants, that was a litmus test and it had proved that AD is gaining momentum and it is a party that will most likely sink the PDP maladministration ship. What remains now in Ondo APC is 'Aketi Progressive Congress' not All Progressive Congress, all thanks to the reckless misconduct and high profiled fraudulent act perpetrated by our unrepentant National leader.

"It is an indisputable fact, that Asiwaju remains the coach in this political game, while Oyegun is a captain of the team and a good coach like Asiwaju will always understand the game played better than the captain, a captain that fails to listen to the coach's advice could lead his team to defeat, not heeding Asiwaju's instruction will cost APC the Ondo governorship election.

"This response by Pa. Oyegun tagged 'The Facts' is not nothing but a cheap fabricated fallacies that has succeeded in proving how deceptive Oyegun can be"

Comrade Adeleke Abdulhakeem
Lagos State Coordinator
Progressive Youth League