Have your say, what do you think of Shakira’s official FIFA World Cup 2010 anthem”Waka Waka”?

Source: Alayande Dayo - Nigeriafilms.com
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As much as I love Shakira a ton, i am not in tune with the decision made for her “Waka Waka” titled song to be made the anthem song for the FIFA 2010 Wold Cup. I personally feel like Africa has more than enough talent that this opportunity could have been given too. Its Africa's turn and i hope I'mnot the only one who feels that African artist deserved the spotlight and to showcase themselves. Yes the song features one of the most talent group in SA (Freshly Ground), but still that is not enough and it's sad that we are not recognizing our own talent but putting them everywhere else but not at number one.

Neither-less here is Shakira's chosen FIFA World Cup 2010 anthem: FIFA 2010 World Cup Anthem, by Shakira \”Waka Waka\”

Loving you in advance for sharing your views.