ONDO: APC Spokesman Calls Oyegun A Liar, Challenges Him To Publish NWC Minutes

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The Acting National Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC)

Comrade Timi Frank, has challenged the National Chairman of his party,

Chief John Oyegun, to publish the original minutes of the meeting of the

National Working Committee (NWC) where it was agreed to throw away the

reports of Ondo Primary Appeal Panel.
The APC spokesman also faulted the statements credited to Chief John

Oyegun against the party’s National Leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, asking the

chairman “why it took him two weeks to prepare lies as responses.”

In a statement he signed in Abuja on Sunday, the APC chieftain said the

current crisis has gotten to a stage where Chief Oyegun must publish the

undoctored minutes of the meeting if he does not have any skeleton in his

“unknown to the National Chairman the last two NWC meetings were properly

recorded and the record shows the  contributions of each and every members

of the NWC present the the meetings.
“Chief Oyegun should tell the world why he brushed aside the suggestion of

the National Youth Leader Hon. Dasuki Jalo who suggested that the party

should submit an interim name to the Independent National Electoral

Commission (INEC) pending the time a political solution will be find to

the matter. But Oyegun and few others who benefitted from the corruption

that produced Rotimi Akeredolu as governorship candidate of our party did

not see wisdom in what the national youth leader said.

“Chief Oyegun’s few responses to the many of allegations raised by our

leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu can never hold water. For example, the chairman

and his cohort contradicted themselves when Oyegun said there was no

voting at all but he forgot that the National Vice chairman Hilliard Eta,

told newsmen that there was voting, which is in agreement with the

position of the party's South-west National Vice Chairman Chief Pius

Akinyelure, who also said that the NWC members actually voted on the Ondo

State Governorship Appeal Panel Report.
This is what Oyegun said in his statement: “Also, voting on the issue

became unnecessary and never took place in view of the NWC's rejection of

the Appeal Committee's report.”
On his part, the South-south vice chairman Hilliard Eta had told newsmen

that: “Before we met on the last day for the submission of name to INEC,

we had met three days earlier, in that meeting, there were two reports

before the NWC, that of the appeal committee was voted on. That very day,

we were fourteen in number, not eleven as we have it in the media.

“After that, we mandated our National Chairman and Secretary to go out and

do wider consultations so that we can have a political solution to the

heated environment the situation has caused the party.”

According to Frank, “Now, who is deceiving who? In another clime Chief

Oyegun would have voluntarily resigned as the national chairman of APC to

allow someone else correct the damages he has done to the ruling party.

“But it is not to late. Our national leader Tinubu has spoken that Oyegun

should step aside, and that is the opinion of larger percentage of leaders

and members of APC. It is expected of our National Chairman to do the

needful before the evidences of many evils done to the party will be made

According to the APC chieftain, all lovers of APC should disregard Chief

Oyegun’s made to believe lies because the true position of what transpired

at the NWC meeting had been truly revealed by the National Vice Chairman

(South-west)  Chief Pius Akinyelure.
“It is surprising that Oyegun made mentioned of party constitution in the

process of removing the National Chairman, but the same Oyegun has never

obeyed the party’s constitution in calling for NEC meeting as expected and

by allowing the Deputy National Officers to act in absence of their

bosses. My case is a perfect example. Oyegun must go!”

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