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A Profoundly- Senseless Game Of Chess With LiveHumans As Pawns...Just watched a graphic video of the workings of acrematorium... and I am sorely confounded by all this morbid adherence to vanity!

See this quoted text from BBC News:
"Testing Ground...The Syria operation has also provided an invaluable opportunity for Russian generals to try out their forces in operational conditions, as well as offering something of a "shop-window" for some of Russia's latest military technology.Mr McDermott says: "The Russian General Staff see this as an opportunity to test new or modern systems; experiment with network-centricwarfarecapability; and to present evidence of the success of military modernisation."The Russian air force has deployed some of its most modern aircraft to Syria, though the same cannot be said for the munitions they employ. The Russian air campaign overall has relied upon the use of "dumb bombs" of various types, a major distinction with modern Western air campaigns, where almost all of the munitions used are precision-guided. Russian special forces and artillery have been engaged on the ground. Long-range missile strikes have been conducted from Russian warships and submarines. Even Russia's only aircraft carrier is now on its way to the region. Syria has become a kind of "sampler" of Russian military capabilities".

The US did a similar thing in Iraq, Vietnam, Libya and Yemen.

Beyond the messenger... however guilty he might be. I was not trying to justify the atrocities of one bloc for the other. The Russian example was just used to illustrate the horrendous inhumanity of men to fellow men. I should do better than to be intentionally bent towards one side. And the wrongs of both sides wouldn't add up to a right, would they?

And then, there is the issue of leaders not doing enough to resist covetous advances by greedy nations to locate military bases on their lands, using their nations and people to test horrible weapons of war, their lands as war fronts as well as dumping grounds for nuclear waste.

The big nations pay bribes to leaders of poor nations to achieve these aims...calling the patriotism and sanity of such rulers to question. There is something to be said for persons and nations that lust after the belongings of other peoples and nations.

Dr Tosin Akindele is a medical practitioner and public affairs analyst.

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