It’s Time To Say eNOugh To Domestic Violence Against Women

By Face Of CandyCity

Nneke Somto the beautiful Face of CandyCity Nigeria 2016 releases new photos for her domestic violence against women campaign tagged Purple Bande Signifie...side walk against Domestic Violence.

She said "Domestic violence is an everyday occurrence and a major concern in the society, however, a situation that is mostly overlooked by the perpetrators of this crime, even the victims sometimes overlook it, as a result of lack of societal cognizance of this criminal act, but silently suffer mentally, emotional, physically and psychologically, the majority of the victims being women.

The consequences of this unjust act tends to have a long time negative effects on the victim, if not quickly addresses; from having inferior complex, low energy attitude disposition at work, low self-esteem ,to equally ending as an abuser. These in totality will affect the victim’s human quality in value evaluation, in terms of her work endeavours, education, mother’s roles and as a member of the society.

Domestic violence should not be tolerated by the victims and the perpetrators should be aware how torturous the crime is. For the victims, we stand to say we care and we call on all stakeholders to hands with us in supporting this struggle against domestic violence on women.

I say no to Domestic Violence against women. What about you?

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