4 ‘Unnecessary’ Things Nigerian Celebrities Should Stop Doing On Social Media

By Jumia Travel
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Celebrities are always in the eyes of the storm! The things they do are not hidden especially in today’s social media world. Immediately something happens to them, they are trending on twitter and before the flip of a finger, the story has gone viral. Recently, Kim Kardashian West was robbed in her home in Paris by five men and they made away with valuables.

Although we sympathize with her, we know Kim’s ‘social media extravagance’ where shares picture of her million dollar jewelry. From reports, the robbers may have gotten information from her different social media accounts. Back home in Nigeria, celebrities are gradually going the same way as they do some things that will bring unnecessary attention.

Unknown to them, the social media space is unregulated. Different people with ulterior motives are on social media. Hence, you should be careful what you share on social media to avoid being a Kim Kardashian. Jumia Travel gathers 5 things you need to stop doing on social media as a celebrity.

Be careful with sharing your location
This is called geotagging. That is sharing where you are on social media. Most times, when you share a post on social media, you will be requested to add your current location. Better still, you can remove location information from photos.

Keep valuables off social media
This is the norm among celebrities. They share and show off valuables like bags, shoes, and piles of money as well as a fleet of cars. This also includes expensive jewelry. It is advisable to keep these valuables off social media.

Don’t advertise you are leaving town
If you want to know if your favourite celebrities are in the country or not, you should check their social media accounts. Hence, sharing your travel plans on social media can leave your home unprotected. To stay safe, stop sharing your itinerant on social media whether within Lagos or any other parts of the world.

private things should be private
As a celebrity, it is difficult to keep your personal life private. Despite this, you should be prudent with the things you share. Private pictures, your relationships, and personal life should be off social media. People will be interested but it will bring unwanted spotlight.