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Primate Babatunde Ayodele of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church has established himself as a top seer in the country. A few months back, the man of God predicted Stella Obasanjo's death, Bellview, Kaduna and Sosoliso plane crashes. He even saw the Super Eagles ouster from the World Cup. In this interview, he spoke candidly about more things to happen in 2006. Read on:

How and when did God call you to serve Him?

I was called at the age of 18 years, while watching my mother's cloths. It was at No 19, Olumebunmi Alonge Street, Aguda, Surulere, Lagos.
I was in the spirit for 48 hours and couldn't eat any food. That day, God told me that “You will go to school but you will build a very mighty church for me where people will serve me. Also, I will teach you what to tell my people”. Before then, I didn't take church serious, whenever pastors came home to pray for my father. I will laugh. After being in trunk for 48 hours, a pastor came to pray for me and took me to his church where I was for another 24 hours. So, I spent 120hrs in the spirit. Then I didn't start a church. I started worshipping in different churches and I became a special Apostle at the age of 19.

Which church were you attending before God spoke to you?

I was born and brought up in Christ Apostolic Church, (CAC), from there I went to Pentecostal church, where I became a choir master.
I attended a Catholic School. I have never worshipped at a white garment church in my life.

When did you set up INRI Evangelical Church?

We came to this promised land four years ago.

You said you have never been to a white garment church in your life, how come you wear white garment in your church?

God said we should wear white garment, and I cannot query God. However, our mode of service is different from Celestial and C&S churches. Our hymn book is different. We do communion service, feet washing and other things that are biblical.

You predicted the Bellview, Kaduna and Sosoliso plane crashes and it happened what more to come?

I also predicted the bomb blast in the UK, and Palestian, Yasir Arafat. Also, the humiliation of the Super Eagles from the World Cup. I saw it and wrote the minister of sports. I told him that we will win in Algeria. The newspapers even published the prediction.

The minister didn't reply me. I sent my aide to follow it up. The minister ignored us. Now when the Super Eagles was to play Zimbabwe, I predicted that we will lose that match by 4-0 and that the minister should send men of God to Rwanda for prayer, so that Angola will lose there.

The minister ignored God's warning. What happened, Nigeria is not going to the World Cup. However, one man of God came out to say Nigeria will still qualify for the World Cup. These are the people ridiculing men of God in this country. You don't need to say want God hasn't said. By next year we are going to flush them out.

It is so painful that we are not going to the World Cup because we have a Minister for Sports, who doesn't listen to God's warning. Now, we're going to Egypt for the Nation's Cup. We are coming out in third place there.

Is that a prediction?

Quote me. We are coming 3rd in the Nation's Cup. The NFA must organize a prayer conference at the National Stadium. I may not be there other men of God can go there and pray. Our leaders don't want to hear the truth. They want men of God to tell them what they want to hear and not the truth. King David, before going to war, he will ask God first.

As a man of God tell us more things to happen?

One more governor and deputy to go. Two state House of Assembly speakers will be removed come 2006. Speaker, House of Reps, Alhaji Masari must be careful or else he will be indicted. There will be a controversy in the Lower House that will stir up crisis and mar Masari's tenure. Not all the senators and Reps members will finish their term. There will be harvest of death in the Senate and House of Reps.

Besides, Obasanjo said in his budget that there will be no increase in petroleum prices. But, I want to tell you that there will be scarcity in petroleum products in 2006. Two major pipelines will be vandalised and it will cause fire outbreak. Also, there will be crisis among the top brass in the military. Some will be humiliated out of the service, because they are not wanted in the system. Also, not all the PDP governors going for second term will be re-elected. PDP will lose some states to other parties.

There will be heavy pressure on Obasanjo to go for third term but he will die if he tries it. I see the next president coming from the South-South but some of their people will go to the North to renegotiate. There will be conflict between the South-South and North. Vice President Atiku must be prayerful or else he will removed as the vice president and replaced with Gen. Marwa or Senator Jubril Aminu. The nation must pray against bloodshed in the Niger-Delta State, Lagos Bar beach over flooding. In fact, some forces want to turn Lagos State into a political crisis. Gov Tinubu should be prayerful. EFCC will not last because the system will be polluted. We have to pray for the lives of two prominent politicians, because I see them passing way. Chief (Mrs) HID Awolowo needs prayers to survive 2006.

Is that all?

No, we must pray against two major air disasters that will claim the lives of top politicians in the country. The Minister of Aviation should organize men of God to go and sanctify our runways at the airports across the country so that we don't have another plane crash that kill more prominent people. In showbizness, a top English actress will die in 2006 and one popular fly musician. A top Yoruba actor will die. There will be serious political crisis in Ekiti, Ondo, Osun and Lagos States.

Besides, amendment of the constitution to enable Obasanjo get 3rd term will cause trouble. If care is not taken Obasanjo will be the last president in the country called Nigeria. The northerners are set for war. We should be very careful. We should pray, because another prominent person will die in Aso Rock. Two governors will survive auto crash.

There will be fraud in the Judiciary. Some federal permanent secretaries will be removed. I don't see PDP taking over Lagos State in 2007. Some present governors will be dealt with so much that they will only take instruction from Abuja. Fire will engulf CBN in Abuja. Major Mustapha may be pardoned or he will break jail. Come 2006, there will changes in the stock exchange. One governor's wife needs prayer so as not to die in 2006. We need prayers for a popular Nigerian international player not to die in car accident. There will be religion crisis in the north. Finally, I see in a black day in Lagos State.

What do you mean?

A black day when there will be confusion and a lot of people will not come out of their houses. The mother of Gov. Tinubu should pray against death in 2006.

Some people see you as a prophet of doom. Are you bothered about that?

Anybody can call me whatever they like, I don't care. I don't want anyone to praise or come and give me money. God has blessed me.

You see when these predictions happen I feel so sad because they are preventable. For instance, Stella Obasanjo's death is preventable. But, those in government will never listen, because they have money and power.

They think they are God. When I saw Stella's death, we sent message to the authorities in Aso Rock, but they didn't care. Every year, I sent my book of prediction to the authorities.