Pray For Nigeria

By Usman Mohammed
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On the occasion of the Nation's 56th Independence anniversary Nigeria stands at a crossroad as our destiny lies perilously at the cliff edge of the abyss. Hence with the stranglehold inflicted on the nation by the recession and a hapless Government failing to man manage the crisis one has no choice but to pray for Nigeria. Pray for the Naira as it plummets closer to the N500 nadir hitting 490 today.

For a nation to have its national currency and pride dragged through the mud only shame and inflation will be our collective punishment. Pray for the CBN Governor's wife who was kidnapped today in Delta State. I recollect when the Mother of our erstwhile Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala was kidnapped in the last dispensation, a huge chunk of the nation's wealth was used to secure her release.

The CBN Governor's wife is now a captive of men of the underworld thus the Government will indeed break the bank to secure her release. Pray that the nation survives this latest body blow to our economy for investor confidence will certainly plummet once news of this new breach in security spreads. Pray that woe befalls these men who kidnap another man's wife for every Nigerian will suffer the economic onslaught of a worried distraught CBN Governor.

Pray for President Buhari for he stands accused of chasing shadows while Nigeria burns by the Civil Liberties Organizations. We all suffer if the nation burns. And true to my predictions that the desperation of the poor will inflict harm on the rich in due season, even the well to do have cause to pray just to sleep peacefully at night. Pray that the President intervenes to save Nigeria from imminent collapse.

Today, the WHO declared Nigeria one of the worst places in the World to be a mother. At least 120 pregnant women die every day in Nigeria yet the Government remains unperturbed as this genocide is swept under the carpet. Lets pray that this recession does not worsen this statistic. Pray that a President whose own daughter died in childbirth will abandon his lukewarm attitude to healthcare that has allowed incessant strikes fuelled by corruption in the highest echeleons of Hospital Managent to paralyze the system and kill our women.

Pray that he awakes from the drowsiness of ear medication. Lets Pray for a President who woke up today to lambast his predecessors for the economic downturn that led us into the recession for he lacks insight and has no inkling that he played a key role in this downturn. For without insight he is psychologically incapable of solving the nation's multifaceted problems.

Lets pray for our leaders that they may lead us right and have insight. Lets pray for the Super Eagles of Nigeria. No matter what anyone thinks, 11 men in Green and White kicking a ball in the Name of Nigeria has created more joy and unity amongst Nigerians than all our politicians in the executive and legislature put together. Thus when the Super Eagles perform poorly the nation suffers untold hardship and sadness. Hence we must pray for the Super Eagles to bounce back to winning ways after their failure to qualify for the Next AFCON.

May they succeed and qualify from a tough World Cup Qualifying Group. Nigeria needs such upliftment in these trying times. Lets pray for the Chibok girls trapped in the clutches of Boko Haram. One can only hope that they are rescued following the decision of the Military to finally make their rescue a priority in their latest assault on Sambisa Forest tagged "Operation Final Rescue". Lets use them as a point of contact in prayer: that peace may befall the North East.

Insecurity in the North East drains the nation's resources thus fuelling the recession. A country at constant war with its self is only toying with an imminent implosion. We also pray that the Niger Delta Militants end their bombing campaign that has crippled our crude oil production facilities which has contributed immensely towards this sinister recession. May their hearts be turned from war war to jaw jaw as they shelve the solace of their improvised explosive devices and Ak47s for a round table dialogue with the Government.

This crippling of our oil industry helps nobody and only punishes all Nigerians for crimes they did not commit. Lets pray for the Judiciary. They are supposed to be the last hope of the common man but when a judge collects a Bribe of 10 million to pervert the course of justice, the common man who can not afford the price tag affixed to buying a judge becomes the enemy of the law.

To forcefully retire Justice Inocent Umezuilike for his crimes against the laws of the land is akin to a slap on the wrist. He is released from service to retire to his swimming pool and mansion in Dubai. Thus is one surprised that Nigeria is in a recession when crime pays handsomely in this land of injustice! Lets pray for equity and a just society. We pray for our children to be in good health and may God insulate them from the wiles of the recession.

One's hope is in God in these trying times as man fails miserably without warning. We pray for genuine change in our land that flows from the top of the heads of our leaders to the soles of our feet. By God's grace Nigeria shall emerge from the recession a stronger and better Nigeria.

We cannot lose hope for hope springs eternal. We uplift our hearts in prayer for at this point in our history only God can save this nation via a timely miracle called divine intervention. Nigerians must pray fervently for the nation as their very lives depend on it.

Political Parties and the promises of their leadership have failed, as their sugar quoted words are now replaced by harsh words of blame the previous regime as we nash our teeth in distress. That is the punishment inflicted on Nigerians for only thirsting for a better tomorrow. Another day brings another lesson as the Recession Marches on. Pray for Nigeria.

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