Rt. Hon Razak Atunwa Press Statement On Independence Day

By Olawale Rotimi

I congratulate all Nigerians as we celebrate 56th year of Independence. Today, we recall and honour the efforts of the founding fathers, resilient comrades, freedom fighters and everyone who fought for Nigeria's independence.

Evidently, since Nigeria's independence in 1960, the nation has passed through different phases with varying consequences. However, the best way we can honour the founding fathers and pillars of Nigeria, is to strengthen our unity whilst celebrating our diversity. We must pursue economic growth, political stability and other democratic principles for the benefit of all Nigerians.

As we celebrate Nigeria at 56, we must dedicate ourselves to ensuring a just and equitable society. We must build a Nigeria for all, not a Nigeria for the few. We must bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. We must also renew our commitment to sustainable economic growth.

Patriotism and selfless service to the nation should be our watchwords.

Once again, congratulations Nigerians as we mark Nigeria at 56 today.

Rt Hon Razak Atunwa
Chairman, House Committee on Justice,
National Assembly
Olawale Rotimi
B.A, M.A Ilorin, DELF Paris.
T: @RotimiLawale
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