For Our Sake: The Need for a United Nigeria at 56 and Beyond


From a Neolithic and Iron Age Civilization by the Nok in the Present Day Jos in Plateau State as far back as 800 BC, to the 11th Century formation of the Hausa Kingdoms and Borno Dynasty in the North, Oyo and Benin Kingdoms in the South, to the founding of the Sokoto Caliphate in 1809, to the 1850s establishment of British presence around Lagos, to the 1914 Nigerian Protectorate, to our Independence from British rule in 1960, then the dark 30 months of the brutal Civil War which began in 1967, to Military Rule, then Democracy, to the Present Day, we have managed to present a 'common front' as a People.

Recently, there have been strident calls from some quarters for a break up of Nigeria as we know it, based on perceived injustices to some sections of our dear Country. Each proponent for this argument feels justified based on what they have experienced or are experiencing.

But, is Nigeria's disintegration the solution to our problems?

I say NO. This is because any Country which desires to be taken seriously in the comity of developed Nations, derives its strength from its human and material resources, size and population. We will not stand a chance if we are divided. Remember, United we stand, Divided we fall.

Government therefore, needs to move decisively to check the current trend of general insecurity, violence, repression, imbalance and yes, injustice – perceived or real.

The Country Nigeria was founded so that people living in the then British Colony of Nigeria with their multiple backgrounds, could unite as one people in order to be able to resist colonialism.

It is important on this 56th Anniversary of our Independence to remember the main reason that brought us together, and remember that majority of Nigerians are still thriving in peaceful co-existence with their neighbours, regardless of what part of Nigeria they come from or how they worship God.

For our sake therefore, our common Nigerian identity cannot be compromised.

Happy Independence Anniversary everyone!!
Dauda Lawal
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