Announced Delay of the Electoral Process in Somalia

By EU External Action

The Somali Federal Indirect Election Implementation Team (FIEIT) has announced a further one month delay of the electoral calendar, with the election of the new President to now take place on 30 November 2016. This marks a second extension going beyond the constitutionally mandated term limits.

It puts in question the Somali authorities' unequivocal commitment to the electoral process.

The EU shares the position expressed in the UN Security Council statement of 28 September. Governance arrangements need to be agreed until 30 November to confer legitimacy.

Any further delay would undermine the legitimacy of the institutions and the new timeline should not provide the space for manipulation and disruption by spoilers. It is essential that all steps are taken now to ensure implementation of a credible and transparent process including operationalising the independent dispute resolution mechanism.

The electoral process must mark a clear change in scope from the process in 2012 and be more inclusive, transparent and credible; an indispensable step towards a democratic, united and stable Somalia at both federal and regional level.

The EU and its Member States remain committed to the electoral process and have mobilised a substantial contribution. Together with its partners, the EU will continue to engage with all Somali and regional stakeholders to contribute to its success.