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APC Youth Supports Oyegun's Resignation

By Thanni Opeyemi
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Lagos September 28, 2016: A Press release in Lagos by a formidable youth movement in Lagos, Progressive youth league Lagos Chapter has shown solidarity with the National Leader of the party Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and has also called for Oyegun's resignation which they believe it is for the interest of the party.

According to the coordinator of the Lagos State Chapter, Comrade Abdulhakeem Adeleke "Leadership position is not for every tom, dick and harry. A charismatic leader should not be found wanting when decisive action is urgently needed. The show of shame stage-managed during Ondo Primaries was an eye sour and our dear national chairman Pa. Oyegun has been found once again to be playing the script from the microscopically few forces within the party"

"In March this year, after pa Oyegun returned from 10days sick leave he was quoted as saying ". and it has been a very intense period building the party and a very intense period putting government together up to this point. All that has happened is that I think I deserve a bit of a break..". He claimed to be building the party but in actual sense he is not, how do we explain the role in Ondo Primary election? Could that be viewed as a party building decision?" he asked

Comrade Abdulhakeem further said "the Ondo Primary election was a Political suicide committed and has continued to cause sober reflection in the camp of the progressive minded politicians not just in Ondo state but in Nigeria. This crime was orchestrated right with the consent of the National Chairman of the party. Otherwise, what justification made Pa Oyegun to submit Rotimi Akeredolu to INEC after the National working committee had through voting arrived at a decision to cancel the fraudulent results and hold an honest primary?"

The Lagos Coordinator addressing the reason why there should be a fresh primaries in Ondo, he said "This is a case of a melon that had been used to eat pounded yam, which its peelings now becomes offensive. is it now that Oyegun sees the stance of the party members in Ondo state and the Nigeria at large not worthy to be considered after our collective sacrifices? This party got to where it is today due to the unprecedented contributions of teeming Nigerians, Ondo inclusive and Asiwaju's stance is in conformity with that of the Ondo indigene which is that there should be a fresh primaries in Ondo. The kangaroo primary that produced Bar. Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) should be disregarded and Its high time Pa Oyegun resigned"

"The confidence the Ondo members of this great party had in Pa Oyegun has been forfeited. Severally, the National party chairman has tried to soil the moral conduct that serve as the bedrock of our party and the progressive youth league Lagos Chapter refused to remain silent and watch our dear party destroyed"

Comrade Abdulhakeem gave reason why the formidable youth movement has decided to support Asiwaju resolution, he said "The progressive youth league Lagos chapter, has a clear and vivid stance. we have weighed the declaration by Asiwaju and we discovered it wasn't a call for a selfish end but it is meant to reposition the party to the path of progressive change we all aspired for. We stand with equity, we stand with justice, we stand with fairness and we stand with the truth"

Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu the national leader of the party has accused the party's national chairman of betraying the party and he demanded his resignation, this has been generating reactions and the latest was the press release by the Progressive youth league Lagos Chapter.

By Thanni Kamil Opeyemi
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