Conference of Nigeria Political Parties has warned against any plot to drag President Goodluck Jonathan into the 2011 presidential contest, insisting that by doing so he would lose focus on issues of national importance and he would be more interested in winning the election than governing.

In a statement issued by the CNPP Publicity Secretary, Osita Okechukwu, in Abuja on Sunday, the group challenged Jonathan to muster the political will to make Nigerians' votes to count in accordance with the Uwais Report in the 2011 elections and beyond.

The CNPP urged the President to submit the three bills in the Uwais Report to the National Assembly for adoption.

The group said, 'The hard lesson to learn, appreciate and utilise is that the destiny of Nigerians on who presides over our affairs must forthwith be the outcome of our votes - whether councilor, legislator, governor or president. This is the irreducible minimum.

'CNPP candidly submits that the greatest and enduring legacy at President Jonathan's court today is to make Nigerians votes to count in 2011 and beyond. To achieve this, he must not contest the 2011 elections. He should disregard sycophants and place history above pecuniary gains for late General Murtala Mohammed's 6 months reign is more glorious than the Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's 11 years; for not how long but how well.'

The conference described former president Yar'Adua's administration as paradise lost, noting that in spite of the good intentions of the late president, the 7-Point agenda was unimplemented, leading to severe economic decline, escalation of sectarian crises.

It said that the late president was clearly aware of the handicap posed by his ill health in managing the hectic functions of an executive presidency and despite the handicap willfully entered into the ring.