Ondo 2016: A Long Search Into The Maestro Mind “Bola Ahmed Tinubu”

By Olusegun Adegbenro

Before Oyegun and APC National Working Committee members could give the ultimate direction required to settle the matter before All Progressive Congress in Ondo State ahead of the Governorship election in November, over the Ondo State APC Primary election brouhaha, resulting from the controversial emergence of Mr Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, the maestro mind has been visited many times.

Stakes of his worries and anger are watershed burden for his political rivals. The Maestro, “Tinubu” must be appeased to talk. I don't speak for him anyways, but I speak of him, that doesn't matter before the primary and it’s not expected to matter afterward. Many political spectators, analysts, K-leg litigants, arm-chair commentators and particularly most leaders in Ondo State APC politics are grudgingly waiting for what Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, a symmetry maestro of meshes ideas would have to say about the decision of APC NEC.

Necessary it is, having understudied the intricacies preceding the primary election, conduct of the primary and the post primary experience. It explained why the battle ground was wet before the fight. Political players would be curious to study, read and hear from Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the one they ignorantly fought, conspire against and seriously malign for suggesting a direction for the party guber slot in Ondo State. Perhaps conscious or accidental to form garrison against him(Asiwaju Tinubu) with the intention of whittling his powers, might and influence in south west. It is not impossible! Absolutely not, but for whose interest? What an ignorant attempt?

Tinubu's imagination is beyond anyone's schism. He understands the game better than anyone in the party. If total ball slamming is the closest thing to intellectual Basketball, with total politics we arrive at politics as both political and intellectual with common sense deployment of ideas, at deciding nip of time and resources. He preaches this logic everyday.

Peculiar circumstances call for peculiar decisions, drastic or not, those that truly believe must first show contentment. It is preventively difficult to determine those who triumphantly want naive idealism to thrive before borrowing from the vision of the past, adapt visions and ideals from the past, personages and personalities to winning elections. Tinubu understand that succinctly. He may have tried to salvage that and failed but they may have also succeeded in sending APC to loosing in Golgotha.

Back to the matter before us: winning Ondo State elections. Oyegun's surreptitious selection of Akeredolu doesn't not matter anymore, Tinubu unapologetic betrayal doesn't matter either. What matter is winning the election, and Tinubu's ideology is needed this time. Note -Tinubu is not REC stationed to conduct Ondo State election yet he is the lip. Why does he matter? How ratifying is his position since he doesn't matter before the Ondo State primary election. He is one leader known never to hide his recreating abilities in identifying leaders which resentful prodigals in APC of late call stooges.

Yes, stooge, Just as Babatunde Fashola, Rauf Aregbesola, Adams Oshiomhole, Abiola Ajimobi and Prof Yemi Osinbajo, you get it. Once his tent is made in the fiefdom of any political gains he chase every shadow away and pursue rigorously that which is capable of delivering people-oriented incentive and transformational leadership to the people with his resources (Financial and mental resources) Tinubu has been in the business for years with his hard-earn resources, since the days of pro-democracy struggle of 90's. Yes, I mean his hard earned resources, until any anti-graft agency proves otherwise.

When asked in one of his interview, he said, "human beings are created with diverse perception. I will be doing a great disservice if I failed to understand that in politics". Classical Tinubu knows that he is not expected to have every of his aide's loyalty 100%, so not surprised when confronted with betrayers from people who benefitted most from his magnanimity and political ideological dynasty. They survived farther on basis of his leadership culture and philosophy and this suddenly is bourgeois to keep, sustain immediately the mandate is given. For me, I will sit and watch the grass that will suffer the fight of these elephants, I do hope it won’t be Alagbaka mission that will be given up.

Their agenda is well understandable and written boldly. For Bola Tinubu to be rattled to give-in doubt in this Ondo State scenario about his choice candidate is testament to the unending debacle. Dr Segun Abraham is from Akoko, and he has never taken any position under Asiwaju's political institution, yet, he matter to Tinubu to lead in Ondo State. Of course, he is not going to force his interest on anyone.

BAT respects democratic culture and its principle. As it is, the expectations from BAT are in two foray folds: positive to accept whoever the party decided to float as party choice candidate through the decision of NWC or obliterate himself entirely from sentiment of choosing Party flag bearer in Ondo State. I will not be surprised to read his shocker and brilliant thought provoking opinion whipping out the sentiment again. For supporting his choice aspirant, He, Tinubu is the devil that cannot speak where his money and ideas coast. Though some believed that his silence on Ondo State election would have a very severe effect on the realization of Alagbaka in November. Many will want to know his stance and possible reaction, if the position of the Party is to validate the orchestrated fraud that greeted the Primary election as it now seems, why then does his opinion matter?

Today, he is sought after, tomorrow he is chastise for taking a stand and victimized. How does he (Tinubu) mind matter handle the many willful betrayals is endearing to know. Why would he suddenly be a deciding factor to how Rotimi Akeredolu would win the Governorship election when the race was however before the outcome seen as jostle against Tinubu? It was formerly reflexes that Tinubu want to impose candidate on Ondo People. So, he should be kept off-guard, and only play the leadership role after the decision is made; suddenly he is now a strategist to behold. Abi nah? The same Jagaban branded by white lies that he want to run state in South west from Lagos; he must be that powerful. The Tinubu accused of attempting to invalidate the wish of the people (delegate) before the primary. Asiwaju Tinubu that all delegates in Ondo State must schooled on altruism of rebellion for taking position about who should be the delegate’s choice, and not his preferred interest. Wondered where endorsement is taken for imposition? What a funny Irony!.

Isn't it baffling how Tinubu's mystic relevance is needfully sought and hoped after all the tirade of insultive and denigrating salvos fired at him. The 'Egunla' is in the habit of sitting in Lagos while his financial muscle speak for him to resolve issues in Ondo State even before the APC primary election of who clinches the party ticket was blown. That action is not peculiar to Ondo. His Bourdillon home is visited by people from nooks of Nigeria. Nigerians and their gullible wits: where is it done in the world I don't know? Where a political platform financier will not have strict control over his financial commitment? “Doesn’t the bible even validate the fact that where your treasure is lies your heart?” If he, Tinubu want charity, he sure knows where to put his money. Now that APC, Oyegun has dropped a hint of direction to which we all sail as party members, I should write those who anticipate the worse of unperturbed Tinubu, and probably afford them this narration they wouldn't buy with a penny. BAT is an undefeated Political diadem that ever lives. A gaul that cannot be outmatched or rivaled. A gallant fighter for facts and fresh ideas, he is with exceptional leadership qualities and intellectual meet. An ideal replica of action, tirelessly improvising, maneuvering brilliantly, adventurous in tactics and creates an outflanking alert to opposition where required. He is a cut deal because he cannot be matched not even by all these accidental leaders. Tinubu is the maestro. A rare gift to the Yoruba's. Those persuaded by lustful thinking of him chastising the success of APC should Akeredolu emerge are rubbing powder in the rain. I recommend a closer look at the work “philosophy and conviction of the man BOLA Tinubu” before hooting for a date. He is sure the master that pursues his belief without course for fear. No one, no Nigerian politicians could lay claim of effectual dominance of transferring ideals of democracy to acceptable ideologies like him, and I mean no one. Tinubu's interest and belief in the Party is beyond his personal emotions. Those close to him can attest to his magnanimity and mastery of the science called politics . Here is the Maestro! Whose mind is momentous by swiftness.

Tinubu's ascendancy is the greatest worry of his political rivals. They won't stop wishing, as they are forever dazed. A full list of those who had milked and drank from his goblet full of knowledge and adopted his ideology to rise to prominence could tell the efficacy of his human principle and philosophy. Nothing compares to his conviction of APC coalition. How many jankara leaders can boast of his exemplary virtues by successive stewards and marshals?

How many?
For truly: 'Leadership is by lifting people's vision to a higher sight, the raising of their performance to a higher standard, the building of their personality beyond its normal limitations' ~ according to Drucker.

Asiwaju fared better than anyone is not an argument lost.

There are obvious names to show for this. Here is why he is a great deal. An oracle to hold. Upon his convictions to discontinue under the hamstrung leadership of PDP, we arrive at this progressive unit.

It is apparent, glaringly that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's stunning philosophy that is based on service and humanism take no definite exceptions.

So much he chose aides carefully and has kept them long enough to know which is capable and ready to stand in or for him on selective assignment. He is an aggressive goal- getter, and an astute builder. He has proven that he has a lot to offer Nigeria, under the right environment; he should be given the chance to do more and not faced out or rubbished.

The APC and in fact the Nigeria’s political clime will be incomplete without Asiwaju Bola A. Tinubu…his recent silence validates the fact silence is the best answer… Nevertheless, the Maestro will rise and not gaged or tamed ever again.

Olusegun M. Adegbenro Writes from Lekki - Lagos
[email protected]

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