Politics tears PMAN apart

Source: nigeriafilms.com
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The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria (PMAN) is in deep crisis. The alleged suspension of juju maestro, Admiral Dele Abiodun few weeks before election seems to have polarised the musicians' body.

PMAN President, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy recently suspended Abiodun for anti-PMAN activities, a decision condemned by most musicians.

Describing his suspension as illegal, the Adawa King said it contravened item 8, rule 9 of the constitution that says: 'an emergency meeting of the National Executive Council shall be summoned upon the written request of not less than 4 members of the National Executive Council.' According to Abiodun, only 3 members of the National Executive Council signed the letter summoning the meeting where the decision to suspend him was taken.

He added that letters were received seven days to the meeting rather than three weeks as stipulated by the constitution.
But Charly Boy insisted that the musician remains suspended: “Dele Abiodun remains suspended. No amount of blackmail can change the decision.”

Abiodun's grouse seems to be anchored on many platforms. He accused Charly Boy of running a one-man show leading to several illegal decisions including the sack of two General Secretaries, Idowu Blessing and Chuks Akamadu within a year, conducting elections into some states chapters against the provisions of the constitution and single-handedly postponing the election till February 2006.
Abiodun told Blockbuster: “Charly Boy is high-handed and autocratic. He is fond of running a one-man show. He prefers taking decisions on his own rather than collectively.

He sacked two General Secretaries, Idowu Blessing and Chuks Akamadu within a year. Even when Charly Boy was ordered by NEC and the elders to recall Idowu, he stuck to his gun. Now, he said I have been suspended when I am one of those contesting against him in the election. My suspension is illegal, null and void. It is all rubbish, I remain the authentic Vice President of PMAN.”
Meanwhile, Abiodun is considering heading to court to put a stop to what he described as Charly Boy's 'illegality.'