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AASU On Illegal Migration Of African Youth

By All Africa Students' Union (AASU)
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Due to the harsh living conditions pertaining in Africa besides its abundant natural and human resources, tens of thousands of Africans in particular the youth would not leave any stone unturned to take the dangerous Mediterranean Sea route as a gateway to a “better life” in Europe.

Since the beginning of this year, it is estimated that about 3,000 migrants have died at sea while trying to reach Europe through Italy or Greece.

It is mind boggling to note that the influx increases by the day beside the dangers, including death, associated with this migration adventure. This situation shows how despaired and disillusioned the African youth are. The issue of increasing numbers of unaccompanied minors in this adventure makes it more pathetic. On Monday 29th August 2016 about 6,500 migrants were rescued off the Libyan coast by the Italian coastguards constituting one of their busiest days of life-saving so far according to them.

The silence and sometime the lackadaisical attitude of African leaders towards this traumatic situation is frightening as it has become “normal” to hear in everyday news that hundreds of Africans have died in the Mediterranean Sea. Libya’s chaotic situation has made it a no man land and a transit route where various militias, vying for influence, are steering smuggling operations for the migrants. In that lawlessness environment the militias are also holding some of them in abusive conditions.

According to human rights groups and experts, there are about 3,500 migrants held in roughly 20 official detention facilities across Libya while others are held in informal detention centers controlled by criminal gangs or armed groups.

For how long this tragedy will continue beneath the glaring eyes of everybody? The time has come for a more serious and concerted approach on the part of African leaders, seemingly unconcerned, to find solutions to this African youth migration tragedy with its cohorts of deaths and sufferings. This situation is, equally, depleting the continent of its youthful and energetic segment.

AASU believes, equally, that this migration tragedy is one of the outcomes of the current unjust international economic order whereby the minority few (developed countries) is exploiting and consuming the bulk of the world resources while the extreme majority is sharing the leftovers. The consequences of this state of affairs are not only unforeseeable and incalculable but could be perilous for us all. It is therefore imperative for humanity as a whole to ensure a more just international economic order for a more secured and peaceful world.

Let us curb greed and selfishness and rather allow an equitable sharing of world resources!

Awaah Fred
(Secretary General) ; [email protected]/[email protected] ; +233(0)243101626