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Nigerian Children Discuss Family Life, Career On Etisalat Sponsored “Kids Say The Darndest Things”

By Uche Peter
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Lagos, Nigeria; September 14, 2016: The on-going second season of Kids Say The Darndest Things, a weekly TV series sponsored by Nigeria’s most innovative network, Etisalat, was once again at its best over the weekend when the fourth episode was aired to the viewing pleasures of families.

Eight years old Damilola Omololu was a special guest on the question and answer segment with Show host, Tony Okungbowa. His responses to questions on several social issues drew applauses from the audience, and as well offered insight into a probable worldview of children on a number of issues raised with him. For instance, on one occasion, when asked about how many children he would like to have, he told the host he would settle for just one. His reason for this decision may have been greeted with laughter, but it was thought-provoking. “I don’t want to pay too much school fees,” he said in defense of his choice.

The Panel session hosted three children – five years old Mojuasegunlo and Abike and seven years old Tise, the Mathematics-loving. Tony had sought to know from them where babies come from. “From their Mummy’s belly,” replied Tise supported by his fellow panelists. A follow-up question on how long babies stay in their Mummy’s belly was not going to bring them to agreement, but rather drew long applauses and laughter from the audience as well as disbelief.

Mojuasegunlo suggested 100 minutes with the wavering Abike appearing to be in support. She however made a U-turn and settled for “100 million minutes” after Tise had disagreed with Mojuasegunlo and went on to suggest that babies spend about 2 billion minutes.

With an increasing interest in their contributions, Tony sought further to know how big Tise was while in his mother’s belly. “10 feet,” he snapped back and attempted using his arm to demonstrate that. Mojuasegunlo, on his own part, feels that an expectant mother’s groanings indicate that it is time for her delivery. Abike’s claim to have spent five years in her mother’s womb and to have stayed awake throughout the time brought the audience reeling with so much laughter.

The stand-out segment for the week featured 9-years old Praise Adebayo, a sensational drummer boy who thrilled the audience with his mastery of the drum set. With an inspiring father, Faith who cut his teeth in drum playing at age four, revealed that he spends an average of four hours per day working on his skills. He sees the keyboard as the most complimentary musical instrument.

To see more exciting moments from yet another KSDT episode, viewers should tune in to NTA Network on Saturday, 9 am; STV on Saturday, 9.30am and Africa Magic Channel 154 on Sunday, 4 pm and 5pm on Wednesdays. Others are WAPTV, Saturday, 9.30 am; OGTV, Saturday, 5.30pm; PRTV Saturday. 7.30pm; ABS Saturday. 5.30 pm and Royal Roots TV, Saturday, 9 am and 4 pm on Sundays.

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