The Rivers State Foundation Holds Annual Convention In USA

By Eddie Onuzuruike
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Monday, September 5, 2016, put a veneer to the activities of Rivers States Foundation Inc, in the United States. Their Annual Convention 2016, which lasted for three days took place at the prestigious Hilton, Newark Airport, New Jersey. The event this time shifted base to the palatial home of one of their illustrious sons, Dr Ogolo, a celebrated medical practitioner living in Ewing, one of the classy and urbane districts.

This reception put the icing on the cake of the three daylong event and deliberations of the foundation. This farewell party was not advertised but it drew the cream of society and Rivers People, it was not planned as the host was just given 12 hours’ notice but it looked like an event planned for months, and most especially no events managers that are now the order of the day but the diligent wife of Dr Ogolo, Lady Data Ogolo, made the difference as she carried on smoothly as if equipped with the whole data of events. She gave the picture of one in charge without fusses, smilingly and admirably instructing and executing from the start to the ending with much more still in her storage warmers after the events as late arrivals were served with steaming meals.

Ogolo’s classy and commodious residence was up to the billings. The living rooms which took guests in many sittings extending to the grassy lawn behind the house, which included a poolside sitting with large sun umbrellas that made you feel you were in the Hilton.

The radiance of the current Amanyanagbo, HRM. Davidson Clinton’s entourage was awe inspiring and instantly reminded one of the historical adventures of King Jaja of Opobo, foremost Nationalist and king of Opobo city state who terrified the British colonialists to the worrisome extent that the British soldiers took him on exile.

Dr Ogolo in a chart didn’t see this hosting as such a towering achievement but was in his modest best, a citizen’s contribution and duty. He was full of gratitude for such a privilege from his people and the paramount king who honored his home for the second time.

Dr Ogolo refused to be dragged into politics and agreed to be described as apolitical in the partisan sense but wished his people good governance as it exists here in United States. When prodded to comment on the degree of equity standard at home, he wished it did not matter as far as quality reigned but commented that GOV. WIKE who couldn’t make it to Newark but was ably represented should give his maximum best to the people and at the end of his tenure give the other side of Rivers, the riverine, a sense of belonging and exercise equity, allowing one of their own to govern the state as it is done in neighboring States giving Abia, Anambra, Enugu, Ebonyi and Akwa Ibom as instances.

He promised continued assistance in any way possible to contribute to the welfare of the State and people.

Lady Data demurred to take the glory of the colourful and smooth event and mentioned God profusely. Asked if her profuse reverence and constant refrain meant a tilt towards the altar, she asked the writer to watch and see. As it is likely to happen, it would be a divine alchemy of a topflight medic who cares for the physical and the backup of a pretty wife mending their souls.

Chief Chamberlain, one of the dignitaries around and a former commissioner in Rivers State, 2011 to 2015 agreed that there is so much challenging instability that touches on sensitive issues in Nigeria and the states bordering on economy, politics, security and socials causing the people to be dangerously polarized.

He adds that nothing would work well in such a precarious situation but urged the need and aggressive pursuit of unity, understanding, cooperation and progress which could only come from constructive debates and solutions with facts and figures.

He equally agreed that the traditional stools should be consulted and strengthened to play their constitutional roles for a better society.