Ekaete was seriously battered and almost lost her right eye in a serious face-off with Ronke, Segun's legal wife. Segun is Ekaete's sugar daddy.

Ekaete is a beautiful girl, with good skin, straight legs, and shapely hips. She is a wonder to behold .She was created and endowed with everything a man needs in a woman to marry.

The game has been on between the duo for almost eight months, but Segun's wife was lost in the scene, thanks to mama Bisi, who Ronke has been so nice to in the neighborhood. At first Ronke, could not believe that Segun, who she doted on as a poor unemployed graduate could cheat her.

Is this how he wants to pay me back, she soliloquized.

But after this, she decided to follow the game with patience and pretended that she knew nothing whatsoever was happening. But it took a dramatic turn when Ronke traced Segun to their usual rendezvous. It was a place at Victoria Island.

She barged into the expensive eatery, took them by surprise and she was able to tear Ekaete's clothes to shreds. She gave her the disgrace of her life, making her run out of the eatery with just her underwear. Ekaete was not given the chance to even take a shoe, neither did she remember to take her purse or eat from the meal on the table.

Would you act in the same manner should you discover your husband is cheating or having an affair?

I may beat her up, if she dares me. There are many ways you can deal with such people, just as we have different methods of solving quadratic equations. If one method doesn't work out, I always have more solutions, till I arrive at the very desired result.

I do not have any course to disturb my brain. It is a normal thing, it happens.

Well, I will start by saying that two wrongs do not make a right. Beating her up will not really solve the problem; rather it will aggravate the situation because she might not be responsible for the relationship. It is my husband who approached her, so I have to face my husband not her.

Yes, I can do more than beating her and perhaps injure her because in the first instance, she knows he is married, and she wants to break his home .

If my home breaks-up, my children would suffer, so why won't I destroy her before she destroys my home?

My prayer is that any girl that would want to come and have any intimate affair with my husband will meet her waterloo. Because whatsoever God joins together, nobody should put asunder.

Beating her does not show any maturity. People would see me as an irresponsible woman, not minding whether the lady is at fault or not.

The best bet is to let her know me as the wife. When she sees me the very first time with my huge stature, that would send a signal to her brain box that the road she is treading is very dangerous , because she simply would not know what I am up to and may advice herself to quit the game to avoid getting her fingers burnt.

It is not easy to overlook, because if you do, your home is about to break. There's no need to beat her, just be calm, let your husband know you are aware of the whole hide and seek game. This alone will shock him tremendously and he knows there is no more hiding place for him under the sun.

I will not beat her, although I would not be happy about it but I do not have an issue with her, rather my husband is who I have talk with.

If there is something more than beating, I think I will do it. But I wouldn't harm her . It's just to keep my family together. Of course, think of it, there is no woman, despite the level of your spiritual inclination that would not react. A good woman should protect her home.

She dares not do such. I do not fight, I do not shout, I am an easy-going woman. I will not involve her parents or her relatives, because their daughter is mature to play around, and when her punishment comes, she should still be very mature enough to take it in good fate. I do not see reason heaping the entire blame on her because an idle hand, they say is the devil's workshop. In other words, if my husband does not give her attention she would not have had such an effrontery to do such.

As a learned and responsible woman, I do not feel beating her would speak better for you. The best thing is to commune and resolve things with my husband, As far as I am concerned I do not have any business whatsoever with the girl. Exchanging words with her will only ridicule me, so I would not let any small girl look down on me.

For sure I will not beat anyone. I do not blame any woman too much for doing that. That could be the only way they could handle it. When you do not have a good adviser and you find yourself in a tight corner, sometimes you get frustrated and do things wrongly.

Such girls do not need beating. They are rigid harlots, and they do not mind what happens, because they are not focused on having a happy and settled home.

I think it is bad fighting her. May God save us from such evil people. She may be a walking corpse and may collapse and die immediately even by mere shouting at her. When such happens, you are held for murder, the police or the law will no longer see it the way you do. You know the consequence of course.

Don't be surprised, the husband who caused the whole fracas may decide to wash his hands off and leave you to face the wrath of the law.So what are we saying here?

When such happens, think deep, pray, seek advice from older and responsible people, and do not take judgment in your own hands because it could lead to total calamity.