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Last Saturday was a day of celebration in Idimu, in Lagos. It was a day of dancing, a day of royalty. On that day, the Oba of Idimuland His Royal Majesty, Oba Azeez Adewale Olayeni Dada-Aluko, Olugoke 1, celebrated his seventh coronation anniversary.

The event, which held at the expansive and prestigious Oba Onidimu Palace, Idimu Road, Lagos, attracted the crème de la crème of society.

These include Onigando, His Royal Majesty, Oba Lasisi Gbadamosi; Onisheri Olofin, Oba Wahab Ayinde Balogun; Baale of Paiko, Chief Waheed Iwela; Eletu of Ikosi, Chief Abeeb Sodig; Eletu of Mojogun, Chief Adisa Ramon; Oganla of Idimu and Chief Sheu Ogunsola, among others.

It was indeed, Oba Dada-Aluko's day. He had told his guests: 'I am absolutely delighted to see you here today because you have made my day. I know that I invited people, but I did not know that I would so be honoured. It proved that I have affected the lives of my people in one way or the other. If so, I promise to do more and ensure that the welfare of our people is taken seriously by our governments.'

The royal father said that the occasion was auspicious 'because the journey has not been easy. They say there is no white without black. When I came to this throne seven years ago, when my predecessor, the late Oba Rufai passed I had several litigations from seven persons challenging this position. With all these troubles, I never thought I would spend up to a year on the throne. I was thinking they would kill me one day. But God saved me and I am still alive.'

He expressed gratitude to everybody who supported him in the trying period and till day.

'Today, I am using this opportunity to thank my friends who have been by my side and also my foes to join hands with me so that we can move Idimu forward.'

With the speeches over, the celebration started in full swing. It reached a fever pitch when the band of Princess Bidemi started performing. Oba Dada-Aluko had taken to the floor. He was joined by other traditional rulers, in what could pass for royal dance. The Oba, in his majestic dance step, swung, in his royal agbada, to the admiration and applause of guests.

Speaking to Saturday Sun later, Oba Dada-Aluko said his rein has succeeded in bringing government closer to his people. According to him, Idimuland has enjoyed construction of drainages, schools, health centres and many other amenities. He said the Idimu Local Development Area was created while he was already on the throne.

Oba Dada-Aluko said he did not experience a blissful child-hood, as people would think. According to him, his life was that of wretchedness because his parents were poor. He had to struggle to attend Yaba Technical College, Lagos, where he qualified as an engineer, he revealed. He succeeded in establishing his own company, A.A Lasco Engineering Ltd, which is involved in house construction. When he became Oba of Idimu, he handed over the company to the board to oversee.

Hear him: 'When I became the Oba in 2003, I could not do, again, those things I used to do before. Though my customers used to call me to build houses for them, I could not do it anymore. My engineers are now the ones handling them. The Obaship position completely changed my lifestyle. Though I did not forget my old friends new ones came along because the life of an Oba is that of cordiality. You have to move with your fellow obas and not just anybody. You have to be in a private place and see to the needs of the people. You cannot go out as you like and you can't drive on your own. If you drive, people would say 'Ah, look, Oba is driving.' So, the life of an oba is restrictive.'

Oba Dada-Aluko, who is 71, disclosed that there are three ruling houses in Idumuland which the head of his family was the founding father. He said his grand father was the first Oba of Idumu before it eventually came back to their turn again in this dispensation. He lamented that the dream was almost scuttled by people who were not members of the ruling houses but wanted the position. He said that he had to pay heavily for the services of lawyers to defeat the several allegations against him in court.

The Oba, who has three wives and many children asked the youths to be moderate in whatever they do. He said reckless life does not pay.

He asked youths to shun drinks and women, empahasing that the time, money and energy spent on such activities are nothing but a waste.