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Politics In Imo State; Okorocha Must Speed Actions To Complete Projects

By Onyenwe Princely
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Year 2019 election is not farfetched. It is a year set to conduct another election in Nigeria and Imo State will be involved in the process of the electioneering. Imo people are optimistic that better leaders will emerge across the three zones and political party lines in the state.

The paradox is that most leaders in authority are insensitive of the fact that time is no longer at ease to accommodate the finishing point of numerous projects embarked upon by this administration. However, this should not exert a pull on the rumors of death against the Governor who has in his vision board and high-mindedness started so well to get on these works to salvage the state.

I want to believe that Imo state government has excellent work plan to develop the state. I want to also believe that Imo people can understand that in the course of such city development, demolition and destruction of unapproved structures shall remain a constant outcome. Therefore it behooves on the ability of the government of All Progressive Congress peddle by Dr Rochas Okorocha OON who has started these gigantic development strides in his sincerity to try his achievable best to complete all projects embarked upon to re-frame the polluted state of mind of ‘Ndi Imo’ and to remain the best leader among equals.

Along with the economic meltdown ravaging Nigerians, greater part of Imo people affected by this stormy change belong to various ministries, Departments, Agencies, and Parastatals and the general public who are also swayed by the so called demolition of ill placed shanties used for residential and business purposes to reposition the state to a ‘brand new’ status in line with its original town plan as claimed by the APC led administration of Dr Rochas Okorocha. It is observable that Imolites are watching the governor to land and allow his service to justify him in the end.

Imo people are happy to have perceived the latest sound of the approval of back-to-land Agricultural policy that was passed by the state house of Assembly because of its needful importance to revive our farming system and provide more food production nationwide coupled with the level of hunger wrecking the state. These are first-class symbols of visionary leadership that i have always attributed to our governor as a goal getter. Perhaps i may not require the opportunity to dine with him closely pending dire circumstances surrounding applications to have official audience with him to deliver my message but because of his wonderful ideology to upgrade the state i prefer to use this professional medium to establish my humble advice to him.

It is imperative we understand the fact that ideas that are not established and completed on time when it is most desired to be utilized is more or less a wasted initiative. Also it is obvious to note the fact that the ethics of a One Eye General of sort can only remain relevant in the society of the blind where political belief and practice are static upon the people he/she rules.

But an egalitarian view can be highly regarded on an atmosphere of governance which is acceptable by the general public. Taking a tour round the municipality and in extension to Orlu and Okigwe cities will certainly convince any doubter that Imo is working. These projects are there for everybody to witness despite its crucial effects on people. The provocative questions arising in the ear waves of the people are; when are these projects going to be completed pending the political time structure schedule for the 2019 election? Why these projects are sub standard to the test of time regrettably on the roads while the few roads established by Ohakim’s administration in Orji, Orlu road and Egbu road stood solid until date. Why is APC government creating more projects when the already existing works at most project sites are still undone and many are abandoned til date?

As a result, critical analysis on the political setting presumes year 2016 is already gone and year 2017 is scheduled for congress that may run through 2018 tours during which campaign rallies and primary elections will take the scene to 2019 polls. I wonder if the ‘worker-holick’ governor of the state is conscious of the few months remaining for him to vacate Douglas house just the same as his predecessors did otherwise he may be thinking that the approximated few months left in this tenure could be maximum enough to complete these works. I am thinking that the incoming Governor after Okorocha will be so strong enough to sustain these colossal ideas if it is inherited uncompleted or possibly will be tele-guided to stale projects in sight to start a fresh deal and retard political progress. Time will tell.

Besides, the creative powers of our political leaders have always been something mysterious in Imo state. It has been the flashes of brilliant illumination, which have opened up new fields of thought that seem as capricious through history as exact timing, and position of bolts of lightning an inconstancy that the ancient Greeks ascribed to the whim of Zeus is laughable. Imo electorates may also term it as the new wand of Imo ‘politricks’

However, in an era when Imo people thought that they have tamed governance and put it to constructive use, can we not also contemplate the harnessing of creative thought in service of the whole? Indeed, such is the urgency of times that seems not just a possibility, but a necessity.

So how do we get it right? The answer lies in a deepened understanding of the relationship between governance and politics, the individual mind and the universal mentality. Then the designing of the techniques to strengthen this relationship is the recalcitrant glitch in governance and precisely this has been the most challenge to defeat in Imo state.

Probably, John Mason, one of the bestselling authors in the world postulates that “almost everything we engage today was impossible yesterday” Going by this preview therefore, it has definitely made evolution of social behaviors and politicking has remained constant in our societies. In this light i have anchored my faith of action on the biblical book of Mathew 19:26 to prophecy again the caption of my last article that Imo may need more Owelles to survive political devastations.

But it is an unfortunate situation to see Imo politicians politicize and jeopardize every good idea that sprout in the state and leaving the masses aloof, languished and open-mouthed. Many at times good projects were stashed without option attempt to continue or to complete same by whosoever may be the successor in public office. Most Governors can only believe their personal ideologies or per say dogma than to continue with the preceding visions approved by the generality of people. Speaking without prejudice, Imo at the completion of all these projects at hand will certainly become the model state of our collective desire and its people shall endlessly applaud Gov. Okorocha for his good accomplishments if...

In reality, it is a decaying potential of Imo politicians to ruin the state to their personal benefits than for the good of the generality of the public. It has remained a state where good mental strategies and ideologies are swept under the carpets because the beholders of such ideas are not in the ruling class at a particular time and good proposals are most times being diverted for family use or kept in view till the tenure elapses. It has remained a state where opposing sentiments have kept retarding political progress. It is a state where people’s efforts are being uncared for and quality opinion samples are turned down without any effort to synchronize the necessary demands of the masses. It has been a state that has get on so many projects littered within the state without setting a consummate strategy for its completion before time.

Certainly there are bad roads in total disrepair in Imo state to include Nekede/Ihiagwa FUTO Obinze road where many federal and state high income establishments are sited. The users of this particular busy roads mentioned can only manage to ply through the eyes of the needle to be able to meet up with official and public functions of all kinds. Also Mbieri /Nkwo orji/Obazu road, Mbaise/Ngor okpala roads are very bad to drive on. In substitute one can see its government officials and appointees enjoy government coffers with family members only without extending good dividends to the ordinary people that fought and worked tirelessly and even staked their lives to make domicile the victory of APC government in the state.

Most of these people who invested efforts during electioneering are now abandoned and disregarded just because they are unassuming personalities that do not have any government official, brother or even sister working with the governor or his aide to assist and attend to their pressing issues or even relieve their thoroughness or console them during mournful moments. This happens in the state which amount to heartbroken and downgrading to the people undergoing such excruciating experience.

Imo people are not positing that Governor Okorocha is not working but the facts are apparent to note that the people need to see that practicable alternative plans are established before any relocation or demolition is done. They want to see a Governor that embarks on developmental project and complete same before the tenure is usurped. Imo need a governor that will build standard roads, international markets and mechanic villages before the relocation of market women and artisans to the uncompleted locations designated for business and this may have affected the saga over Eke-Ukwu market relocation.

It is so unfortunate to observe the dwindling potency of a leader who at the time of then electioneering convinced the masses to over-hope and more or less became addicted to his campaign assurance but this has swiftly metamorphosed to a ‘scavenger governance’ on the altar of ruler ship of the state. We are still watching. It is understandable that we are in the raining season and this may be affecting the speed of work on sites. More so, it stands as a clear warning to contractors handling these works to utilize the few months of dry seasons left in this tenure which is close by us to consummate a maximum output of work done. The reason for shoddy work at project sites and the delay of job completion must not be stage tagged on the continuous occurrence of rainfall. It is expected that work should commence extensively at various project sites at the same speed the demolition exercise was carried out in the state. This will automatically calm the aggrieved and corrosive wounded minds of the affected people of Imo state.

In addition, the reverse effects of governance is very problematic for any representative of the people to loose fame and integrity just because of common mistakes that was failed to be corrected on time. And how could this be done? The political aides to the governor must tell the governor or their superiors in office the simple truth no matter how its taste could be and the superior must be willing enough to identify with the situation of things and apply such pieces of excellent advice to work at appropriate season to benefit the general public range.

Because of the fact that there is no time to waste it is expected we call a spade a spade and on this therefore the city gates project should be completed. The second phase of the rural roads project should be completed. The 27 modern Hospitals at the LGAs should be completed and equipped to deliver health care services to the common Imo people at best possible level. The roads dualisation in the municipality and flyovers should be of solid construction standard with drainage system where necessary. The new Agric policy cum the palm-to-palm project must be workable. Imo people have not forgotten the Local Government election you promised us sir. The so called CGC and LGC officials are most times lackadaisical over official functions and one can often cite the officials go to work at will and rarely could the local government heads be seen on seat till closing hour. It is so regrettable to note. These are the most indispensable for the moment.

Moreover, both the elite and the political class has preempted former Governor Ikedi Ohakim would not have been mouth-washed by Imo populace as a non-performed governor who had lost election because he automatically derailed at the expected time of service delivery to people and became the ‘Ahytophel’ of his time. Though Ohakim can be remembered because of three outstanding projects solidly established in the state to include the perfect relocation of Timber shade from Wetheral to Naze, delivering few solid roads and the Clean and Green initiative that placed Imo state then the cleanest state in Nigeria, Gov Okorocha can surpass this record at the completion of all projects embarked upon by APC Government.

Possibly we can take Enugu state for instance; work efficiency and assessment of time made Ex Governor Ebeano Nnamani built the parkland hospital, Ebeano tunnel, Renaissance University solidly to a maximum standard. Governor Sullivan Chime focused his attention on the dualization of solid roads across the state to include Rangers Avenue, Bisala Road, Agbani Road, Okpara square/Government house area, new market area and new haven dual carriage lanes to mention just a few. Then, at present, Governor Ugwuanyi amidst security challenge over nomadic herdsmen and the rural people of the state has assumed office and scheduled Adada Area development as his most priority work plan. These solid jobs were done by solid construction companies like Marlum construction and Arab contractors and others.

Basically Imo can borrow a leaf from these model Governors that have got it rightly done and engage quality contractors and companies to perfect these work already above mentioned. Imo State can also partner with Micro finance Bank to finance certain projects and schedule for recoup of fund afterward through a memorandum of agreement. The fleet of cars proposed for Imo Transport service should be put to work immediately than to keep corroding at the premises of IICC Owerri, ‘uka wu nkasa nkasa’

However, Imo people need to see better actions by the governor now that he has arrived safely from his oversea trip. Thus politicians must have in mind that “Nemo judex in causa sua”, no one is judge in his/her own case, therefore the commander of free education Governor have to top up momentum and actions to complete projects embarked upon to uphold his rescue leadership and competence of initiative policy to sustain his already on hand ideals. Hence, by evaluation survey of work done so far, if completed by Owelle led administration, Imo state political leadership can improve rapidly before 2019.I wish him well than the large amount of fatality reverberated against him. Onyenwe princely is a public affairs analyst, human rights activist and a renowned journalist.08036856526.

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