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Sanni: We Are NOT Reviewing Tax Laws

By Yetunde Verissimo
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The National Tax Policy Review Committee held her first Stakeholders meeting in Abuja on Wednesday. At the meeting the chairman of the committee, Prof. Abiola Sanni, emphasized that the committee was not a tax law review committee or a tax reform committee or tax study group but they are to collate useful suggestions on possible amendments to each on the tax laws and make them available to appropriate authorities for necessary action.

"The focus of our committee is the critical evaluation of the content of National Tax Policy."

He said that the committee which was inaugurated on the 10th of August are expected to submit their review not later than 10th of September 2016.

Prof Sanni said that the review when complete would give dynamic and workable implementation strategies, have deletion of contents which are considered verbose or repetitive.

"We are considering having a revised document that is slim, simple and concise."

"A document which will impose duties and responsibilities on all organs of government, relevant agencies and person"

Taiwo Oyedele, who gave a presentation on the current NTP, recommend format and proposed structure said taxation should be made as such to favor growth of businesses, sighting that the country that promotes entrepreneurs would likely have more tags returns.

He identified some reasons as to why the review was important such as low level of awareness to the masses, multiple taxation, lack of political will, Non implementation of tax laws.

He said the outcome of the review would proffer fiscal federalism, ensure ease of paying taxes, tax simplification and use of technology.

The committee says they would be looking out for ideas from everyday people on their take on ideas on possible reviews.