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R/S PDP Court Order Is Suspect And Meaningless—APC

By APC Rivers
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Our reaction to the PDP purported court order against the release of Tai rerun election results by INEC is that it is not of any consequence if any person or political party decides to embark on an ego trip using the courts.

In any case, the Electoral Act 2010, Section 133 sub 1 forbids any courts from questioning INEC in any manner other than by petition complaining of an undue election or undue return presented to competent tribunal or court. Definitely, the Federal High Court the PDP purportedly obtained its order does not qualify to issue such an order on INEC. It is indeed a meaningless court order as far as the APC is concerned.

The APC cannot be distracted by the antics of the PDP as we prepare for the conclusion of the remaining rerun elections as will be announced by the INEC.

Chris Finebone
State Publicity Secretary
Wed, 24th August, 2016