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Don’t Let the Rain Get You Down

By Tolulope Olaifa
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In Nigeria, people usually hate the arrival of the rainy season; and not just because of the abrupt rains, floods and the mess brought about by rain turning sand into mud. The rainy season is not a time people look forward to because there is usually an increase in the incidence of sicknesses and infections, due to the increase in the amount of the pathogens and their vector hosts.

This increase is due to the fact that majority of these organisms and pathogens breed better and faster in moist conditions. To prevent/reduce the risk of falling ill over the duration of the rainy season, there are a few general rules you can follow; so that you don’t end up spending all your money on treating yourself.

  • Boost your immunity by balancing your diet. Junk food does not help your body system, so help your system by adding more water, and vegetables and reducing starchy foods, processed foods, alcohol and fatty foods from your diet.
  • Personal hygiene is key. Wash your hands regularly, brush your mouth and take good care of the rest of your body to prevent catching infections. For people that are always on the go, have a hand sanitizer or wet wipes to clean your hands regularly, as we come in contact with a lot of germs daily.
  • Keep your surroundings in tip-top shape. Clean your gutters, the bushes surrounding your house, any form of stagnant water and get rid of pests. Remember to disinfect everywhere, especially if there was recently a sick person in the house. Also, if you are away from home, perhaps at a hotel or a relative’s place, try to do some cleanliness checks (not because the place is not clean, but to prevent yourself from taking home any illness or infection).
  • Be sure that you are fully covered. Get your vaccines and shots regularly and stop assuming that the shot you took when you were three years old will still be working for you now.
  • Get fresh air, enough exercise and rest too. Studies have shown that people who don’t get enough of these are more prone to catching infections.
  • Lastly, try as much as possible to avoid being beaten by rain, as it increases the risk of falling ill. So get an umbrella and stay dry.