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The Savagery of Zamfara Murderers

By Disu Kamor
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The savagery of those who took those 8 innocent souls in Zamfara today, on the excuse that someone blasphemed against the Prophet, is yet another sad reminder that, despite best efforts, we are still living in a dysfunctional society where some continue to show absolutely no respect for human life and the rule of law.

The criminal actions of these habitual murderers, their mindless resolve to take human life, and the fact that they eventually succeeded in extra judicially taking 8 innocent lives are clear testimonies to their savagery and collective insanity.

This incident also shows how helpless we seem to be when certain individuals pre-meditate to commit cold-blooded murder. The actions of these criminals, more than what allegedly provoked them, are what dishonour the Prophet and mischaracterise his religion.

Also, the police authorities seem to continuously demonstrate it's lack of ability to prevent these ugly incidents on good and robust intelligence work. They continuously show they lack the power to enforce the law in these instances and deal ruthlessly with the criminals or bring them to justice.

This ugly pattern continues to misrepresent and undermine the important works that the police is doing and it's a terrible indictment on it if it continues to allow merciless murderers hold the rest of us to ransom.

My prayers are with the victims of this horrible crime, their families and friends. I also pray that the perpetrators are (seen to be) swiftly brought to justice.

Disu Kamor
Executive Chairman
Muslim Public Affairs Centre, MPAC, Nigeria.
21 Salvation Road, Opebi, Lagos
Telephone: +234 807 604 9545
E-mails: [email protected]
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"And if Allah touches thee with affliction, none can remove it but He: But if He bestows upon you a favour, remember that He is the Possessor of every power to do all that He wills."

(Qur'an 6:17)
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