The Comrade Governor Has Squandered And Torpedoed The Legacy Of Mass Support He Got From The People In 2007

Comrade Adams Oshiomhole took the reins of leadership, as the Executive Governor of Edo State, in November 2008 with the hope and aspiration that the masses will get a fair share positively from the economic dividends of democracy Methinks this is the psychological and apt moment to assess the impact, positively or negatively of his policies, deconstruct them and distinguish the facts and fads from the fallacious.

I think seven years is a sufficient time to assess the impacts of the Weapon of Mass destruction, Comrade Adams Aliu Eric Oshiomhole has unleashed on the people economically by deviating from the Action Congress of Nigeria’s campaign slogan “bye-bye to Poverty;Let us make poverty history in Edo state and let the people lead"

Today, it is conspicuously conspicuous that a new chapter of poverty has been opened in our dear state presided over by a Come and raid Governor as our people, who earlier managed to make both ends meet have been consigned to the dustbin of poverty as loafers and scavengers in their land of birth.

It is absolutely lucid that he has really made poverty history in his life as he promised by acquiring ill gotten wealth and mansions across the globe while his government has further suffocated the poor by imposing heavy taxes on them which made them to quit their various businesses.

The undiluted reality in the state is that our Comrade Governor has broken the hearts of the poor people, Okada riders, traders, drivers, pensioners, workers, students and others who rallied round him during the trying period of the election and legal tussle that brought him to Dennis Osadebay's House.

The emperor and new godfather of Edo politics who imposed on his party has failed to deliver us because he could not take the state to the Zenith of Ghandanian Socialism of (SARVODAYA), which literally means Good of All, Service to All, Welfare to All.

Seven and half years after, we still await his action of transmogrifying the state to Eldorado.The godfather himself has squandered and torpedoed the legacy of mass support he inherited from the foot-soldiers of democracy and as such has nothing to tell us to accept the unripe mangoes he imposed on his party. He can only imposed his puppets on his party certainly not on Edo people, God forbid as the glory has departed from him (Icbabod).

In the past months as election is approaching, it is apparent that our governor has internalized the neurotic pieces of advice of the Fuhrer by his demagogic dispensation of half-truth and manipulative propaganda against the financially-challenged masses that put him in office. He exhibits no coherent urgency in dealing with their problems and he is more interested in deceiving the electorate.

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