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SCANDAL: DSS Sells Promotion Exams Answer Sheets To Northern Civil Servants For N1million, Rakes In N2Billion

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Federal Civil Service Commission, FCSC, Promotion examination questions and answers sheets domiciled with the Department of State Security, DSS, are being sold for One Million Naira each to candidates from Northern extraction, investigations have revealed. This is coming few weeks after reports emerged that no fewer than 70 middle cadre and junior cadre officers mainly from the South had resigned from the service, both from the state commands and the national headquarters in the last ten months because of unfavorable terms of employment they alleged had pervaded the service since the appointment of the present Director General of the agency, Mallam Lawal Musa Daura. The scandal involves promotion examinations involving senior civil servants of the Directorate cadre notably Assistant Directors and Deputy Directors of the Northern extraction in the Federal Civil Service who are due for promotion or have repeatedly failed promotional examinations. When such examinations are conducted by the FCSC, the question papers and answer scripts are domiciled with the DSS for security reasons and safe keeping, a source familiar with the procedure told Sources in the DSS hinted that a racket run by some senior officials of the Secret Police and that of the FCSC connive and single out Civil Servants from the North, sell answer scripts to candidates who have written the examinations and allow them swap with their original answer scripts. The scandal occurs once FCSC examiners proceeds to Nigerian embassies across the globe to conduct similar examinations for civil servants of directorate cadre working in such embassies after conducting the exams in Nigeria. learned that after the departure of the examiners abroad, DSS moves in to appropriate the questions and answers, contact selected candidates, demanding N1 million each in order to rewrite the exams with the answers to the questions to ensure that such candidates pass the examinations. No less that N2billion is said to have been made by officials of the DSS since the fraud started. As a result, Federal Civil Service employees from the North who have failed several promotion examinations have suddenly passed and promoted, according to a DSS official who volunteered information to "That is one of the reasons some officers have decided to resign from the Service because of the ongoing nepotism in the place," the official said. "If you pay N1million, your answer script would be swapped using the already provided answers in their custody. If you cannot provide the said amount, you will fail and remain at the same level and repeat next time,” an official of the DSS who is pissed with the scandal anonymously told The source added "the FCSC is also in the picture because they co-ordinate the scheme abroad but feign ignorance and benefit from the process. But it has been a process used to ensure the perpetuation of a particularly privileged people in the system. According to the source, "funny enough, there are candidates who are not even aware of the scheme, who sit the exam several times and keep failing and, are thus stagnated, eventually retiring at that level. Only because they did not know about it so only those whose relations are in high places and are aware of the scheme pay. And this has been there for years. "That is the first menu served any new DG and Mamman Daura, the DG, is fully aware and has benefited otherwise, he would have probed it and if the anti-corruption mantra of the government is anything to go by and is not designed to benefit some people, it would have been looked into as well", an impeccable source told Tony Opuiyo, Spokesperson of the DSS could not be reached for comment when sought official response to the FCSC exam scandal.

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