6 Exciting Ways Singles Can Mingle While on Tour

By Jumia Travel
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Going on tour can be a reliable way for singles to meet persons who can later become lovers. Touring a place like Badagry or Olumo rock with a group of strangers can offer you a whole new experience. And as a single who desires a relationship, one way to meet people is travelling.

However, for some singles, they find it difficult to mingle when they are in a crowd or group. They are either too shy or timid to blend in.

To halt this trend, Jumia Travel , Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares some ideas on how you can mingle on tour. Hence, in the not too far future, you will be in a loving relationship.

Dress well
A good dress sense is the first thing that attracts others to you. You do not need to break the bank to appear elegant. The rule of thumb should be simplicity and class.

Make friends with yourself
The most reliable way to overcome timidity is to be friends with yourself and you will never be alone. Even when you are single and timid, you don’t need anybody to make you happy. Your happiness will radiate and before you know, everyone wants to talk to you even though you know you are nervous when it comes to mingling.

Smile always
The truth is people will always prefer to talk to someone who smiles. It reveals that beyond the façade, you are a happy, pleasant and amazing person. Nobody wants to communicate with someone who is always keeping a straight face.

Don’t shy away from games
There are so many fun things to do on tour. To help you mingle, you should volunteer to participate in games. This will get you noticed by everyone. Before you know, you are talking to a potential soul mate.

Give the ‘green light’ if interested

Guys don’t have a problem wooing a girl. But some guys look out for the green light. Greenlight is a nonverbal way of informing someone that he/she can approach. If they look or smile at you, you respond the same way. It doesn’t give anything away.

Accept an invite for a date
If both of you are interested, you can exchange phone numbers and also accept the invitation for a date. Hence, it is important for you to keep in touch after the tour.