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Fulani Herdsmen/Farmers Clash: Buhari Warns Against Criminal Acts

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President Muhammadu Buhari has once again reiterated his mandate to the

security agencies to deal decisively with all acts of banditry and

criminality perpetrated in the name of herdsmen/farmers clashes.

The President said this Friday in his address at the graduation ceremony

of course 24 at the National Defence College in Abuja.

“On the matter of herdsmen/farmers’ clashes, I wish to state that this

Administration will not tolerate or condone acts of banditry and

criminality, under any guise. As such, our security agencies have been

mandated to deal with such acts decisively.
President Buhari also assured that his administration has been working

assiduously in conjunction with local and international partners to

rebuild damaged communities in the Northeast as well as tackle the

underdevelopment and neglect in the Niger Delta area by correcting the

ills of the past and assuaging inherent grievances.

President Buhari told the graduating participants to see their graduation

as significant milestone in their professional and academic pursuits and

challenged them to be at pace with the dynamism in Defence and security.

“Your graduation is the beginning of a very challenging journey. You live

in an era where the pace of transition in research and our socio-political

environment is so fast, that even as I speak, new ideas and concepts are

being introduced, established ideas are being re-defined and research is

opening new fields of learning.
“Your challenge would be to harness the latest defence and security

research as well as extant government policies for the benefit of your

Services, Organizations, and indeed your nations. For the Nigerian

participants, I expect that you would all have made the most of your time

on this course, and be ready to join the ongoing process to change Nigeria

for the better.”
President Buhari described the National Defence College as a symbol of

“the height of military professionalism and excellence in our nation. It

is a place where potential strategic leaders are trained in the procedure

and processes of strategic leadership. It serves as a good platform to

produce leaders that will drive the change direction, which must be

followed if we will keep-up with the 21st century.”

The President also expressed his happiness that Nigerians and the

international community are beginning to have faith in the

Administration's capacity to turn the fortune of Nigeria around.

“International confidence in our country and its future is beginning to

return, because of how we are slowly finding ways to solve our problems.

The nation is beginning to have faith in the ability of our society’s

institutional capacity to tackle our problems. But we must work doubly

hard to restore our nation to higher glory. The Nigerian Armed Forces have

proven to be equal to the task of maintaining our internal and external

He also spoke on on-going efforts to combat corruption, recovered monies

and combatting youth unemployment.
“As part of efforts to address the problem of corruption, we have set in

motion legal processes to recover whatever we can and bring to justice

those who betrayed their trust. Thus far, we have been able to recover

billions of naira from indicted companies and individuals. In addition,

through the implementation and enforcement of the Treasury Single Account,

we have been able to save more for our nation.
“Furthermore, in our fight to end poverty in Nigeria, we have set up

social interventions and reliefs for the poor in conjunction with the

World Bank. In the 2016 budget, we intend to stimulate the economy, making

it more competitive by focusing on infrastructural development and address

the immediate problems of youth unemployment and the terrible living

conditions of the very poor and vulnerable Nigerians,” the President

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