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3 Practical Ways To Protect Your Phone Screen

By Jumia Travel
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With smarter screens taking over the mobile phone scene, phone screens are getting bigger and bigger; however, not all of these smartphones come with tough or scratch-resistant touch screen panels.

As a result, a number of Nigerians with iPhones or Android phones have to deal with broken or damaged screens on a daily basis. Generally, it takes a lot to break and damage these smartphones, but on the other hand, it’s not impossible if you behave recklessly with your device. If you are looking to keep your phone screen alive and safe, Jumia Travel offers tips on how to protect your smartphone screen.

Be gentle with your phone screen
Most smartphones come with touch screens and as such, users are required to tap or type on the screen. To avoid damage, try not to tap your phone with any sharp objects or bang it to make it work if it’s being slow. Also, do not apply too much pressure on the phone screen especially when playing a game as too much pressure can lead to damage or even a crack, depending on the kind of screen used.

Be careful when wiping your display screen
It is important to wipe your phone’s display screen as most times it becomes blurry after frequent use. Rather than use a wet tissue or any kind of rag that would leave more particles on the screen, ensure you use a microfiber cloth. You can even use the one that came with your sunglasses. If you must use a damp wipe, make sure it is slightly damp and do not over-rub. Also, let your phone air dry afterwards that way, water does not accidentally escape into the phone’s inner hardware.

Use a Screen Protector and phone case
To protect your phone screen, it is wise to invest in a screen protector, as well as a sleeve or hard case. They are effective for preventing scratches and cracks on phone screen panels. Screen protectors, especially the glass ones do not usually affect screen sharpness, meaning that you do not see a difference on your screen when having a protective layer. Even better, they are usually affordable.