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Vote For Senator Abe To Fast Track Ogoni Clean Up—Former APC Deputy Gubernatorial Candidate

By Abe Media Aide
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Ogoni people have been called upon to vote for Senator Magnus Abe to the Senate in order to fast track the Ogoni cleanup project.

Speaking at the reception of 500 PDP members who decamped to APC in Mogho, Gokana Local Government Area, the former APC deputy gubernatorial candidate, Hon. Asita Asita, said Abe if elected would be a strong voice not only for Rivers South East Senatorial District but the entire Rivers State to engage the Federal Government towards accelerated development of the State.

He said Ogoni people stood a better chance of having the cleanup project implemented if Abe is in the Senate.

“This is an opportunity for Ogoni to take advantage of the good gestures of Mr. President by voting for Senator Abe, who will help them fast track it.

Earlier in his speech, Senator Abe, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for Rivers South East Senatorial District in the legislative re-run election, commended the decampees for joining the APC.

He said the Ogoni people had made up their minds to vote for him and therefore the Ogoni do not have any other party than the Magnus Abe party (APC).

“Ogoni is APC. The future of Ogoni is APC. The things that APC has done for Ogoni, nobody or any party else has done it. When PDP was in power at the centre, they did not help Ogoni people rather they punished them”, he said.

Abe decried the attitude of Governor Nyesome Wike for threatening to deny Ogoni people their rights if he (Abe) was elected.

Senator Abe said that the governor had no right to threaten the Ogoni people, pointing out that the Ogoni would get from both the centre and the state whether the governor wanted it or not.

He lauded the President for appointing Chief Dereck Mene, an Ogoni son as the Executive Director, Finance and Administration in NDDC and assured the people of more appointments from the district.

The former Secretary to Rivers State Government said that PDP had nothing to offer the Ogoni people.

Speaking in pigin English, Abe said, “Wetin them don give our brothers. The only thing them dey do na to sponsor people make them shoot people. I come home today because I hear say PDP people don write letter to IG say make them withdraw my security. Una know me for Gokana. I dey carry security before?

No bi because of them I begin carry security? Them say when dem wan kill you for outside, you go run go meet your people for home. Gokana people! I don come meet una; them wan kill me o! Can they do it? They cannot do it. Why can they not do it is because of you. Anybody wey get people wey surround am like this, anybody fit try the person? Nobody fit try us because we are together”.

Abe condemned the quality of projects being sited in Ogoni land by the present administration.

Also speaking in pigin english, he said, “Na we build all the roads for Bori. We no talk say if them no vote for us, we go scatter the road. Them dey use one small road wey them dey do for rainy season, wey them no even dig the ground well to threaten everybody. If you go for Ikwerre land, the one them dey do there, na Julius Berger dey do am.

Them dey dig the ground more than 10 feet but the one wey them dey do for Ogoni, we no know who dey do am. Them no even dig the ground, them carry sharp sand begin pour for the road.

Na so them dey do road? Make una no talk say na Senator Abe talk am, make una go for Elelenwo go look the road wey Wike dey do for O.K Chinda him place; go look the thing Julius Berger dey do there. Wen you look that one finish, come look the wan Chinese people dey do for Kenneth Kobani and Lee Maeba them own place. Na so person dey treat his followers? Treat everybody equally”.

Spokesperson to Senator Magnus Abe
August 2, 2016