What Is The Excuse For This Human Suffering?

By Brainnews NG
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CALABAR---Since the construction of the Calabar-Itu Road in 1999, the road has remained unattended to by the Federal and State Government.

A Brainnews NG Reporter, while traveling witnessed the ugly condition of the road as he checked-out of town on 29th of July, 2016.

The road condition has gotten so bad that a small boat transportation market has sprung up ferrying desperate and stranded passengers from Akwa Ibom State and the Cross River State from one end of the impassable Federal Interstate highway to other end.

The interest and political corruption of elected office holders takes precedence over the delivery of basic infrastructural improvements to better the lives of Citizens throughout the country.

The same deplorable road situation is also witnessed in the Ikot Ekpene/Aba Federal road and Aba/Port Harcourt interstate roads intended to connect the states.

The result is that each state remains isolated and commerce or economic activity which triggers rapid social and economic development is stultified.

My question is; When will our policy makers learn? What happened to the Federal road contract we heard that was supposedly awarded by the Jonathan administration to correct this situation?

What a shame and disgrace to the Nigerian Government. Misplaced priority and misallocation of limited economic resources is costing Nigeria too much in human suffering.

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