Your Empathy Goes Beyond Anambra....As Ebonyi Government Takes Home Healed Mentally Challenged

By Emeka Ozumba
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Four persons who hitherto were inmates at the Home for mentally challenged Nteje, Anambra State were yesterday handed over to their kits and kin through the government of Ebonyi state after healing and rehabilitation. The four were part of the twenty-seven inmates certified fit and proper by medical authorities at the rehabilitation centre run by the Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ), NGO of wife of the Governor of Anambra State, Chief(Mrs.) Ebelechukwu Obiano.

Speaking during a brief stop-over at the Office of the wife of the governor after handover of the former inmates, Special Assistant to Ebonyi State Governor on talent Development, Rev. Dr. Nwakaego Jacinta Nworie thanked Mrs. Obiano for taking on the responsibility of rescuing, treating and rehabilitating mentally challenged persons without minding who they are or where they came from.

Said she: “My Governor expressed thanks when he heard about your kind gesture to many including our people, so he quickly permitted me to come and thank you personally. Your Excellency, we can’t thank you enough, but I want you to know that what you are doing is beyond Anambra state, we are grateful and the world will hear of it.”

Responding, Chief (Mrs.) Obiano told the Special Assistant to convey her appreciation to the Governor of Ebonyi State for his goodwill. As she put it: It is my pleasure to do what I am doing and I want you to know that the inmates have a right to be sane and be part of the society. I urge you to take them back and ensure that they do not face stigmatization of any sort and please treat them as your children like we have done here.” Mrs. Obiano urged.

Mrs. Obiano also assured the former inmates made up of three men and a woman that they will missed for good reasons because they are going home to their loved ones. The visibly elated former inmates later posed in a photograph with Mrs. Obiano and others before departure.