Buhari is Living a Legacy behind in Nigeria Politics--His Royal Highness Ejima

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His Royal Highness Alhaji Sanni Yakubu Ejima is the Onu-Igala of Lagos,chairman 36 States Onu-Igala forum of Nigeria, chairman of Kogi traditional rulers of council, Lagos State, a renowned entrepreneur, technocrat, philanthropist,award-winning traditional ruler, a Muslim scholar and just mention but a few.

In this interview with Mindset Media Limited and Gabrio Voice Magazine,His Royal Highness spoke extensively on the 4thAnnual Yoruba Cultural Exchange Festival 2016,why President Muhammadu Buhari must be commended for tackling corrosive corruption since his assumption in office and other sundry issues affecting the country.

What is your relationship between Ambassador Wole Akanni Duro-Ladipo and you sir?

Well, I met Ambassador Wole Akanni Duro-Ladipo in US, I saw his passion in promoting African culture and as a custodian of culture, I picked interest on him when he came to where I lodged and vividly explained on his drive and mission to me and he is a young man that has respect for traditional leadership. The event will showcase all Nigerian culture in Dallas Texas,US and Igala culture will be displayed too. I have also suggested to him, in the next event, African culture exchange festival should be infused into it.

Tell us about your traditional leadership and why you suddenly changed in supporting the present government on the social media?

I have not compromised my support to any political party. I supported President Buhari’s personality not political party. It is only God that gives power to man. It is not easy to mint money but it is easy to spend it. This is the first President in Nigeria that is being recognized globally through integrity. I am telling all Nigerians to wake up from political corruption and slumber and support this administration. The leadership is really affecting my business due to the hardship in the country being caused by past governments but I am now happy living a legacy behind for my children. We are suffering today, as a result of what the past governments had destroyed through corrosive and pervasive corruption in the system. He is on the repairing side of leadership and many in his government are also corrupt too.

Sir, are you aware that Kogi State governor cannot pay workers’ salaries and what is your view?

Bad government will always leave a bad legacy behind. I cannot blame Governor Yahaya Bello for Kogi State present situation. God made him the governor not man and he must continue on the legacies of late Prince Abubakar Audu.This was a man that stood for Kogilites till eternity. The Igalas have ruled Kogi State and now Ebira is in power and he should be able to fix the state with infrastructural developments being abandoned by past governments, despite the paucity of funds from the federal government and he should diversify into other areas of the economy to generate revenue for the state. My interest in this coming Yoruba Cultural Exchange Festival 2016 in US to attract investors to Kogi State through the collaboration of the state government too.

Are you close with the present governor of Kogi State?

Well, I am not close to him but he is our governor ordained by God. He is just a new person in the political system and he needs people of track records to work with. Just recently, we the Igalas,Ebiras and Kabbas came together to unite ourselves for progressive leadership and that was why I was elected as the chairman and other positions were given to other members.

Sir is this palace belongs to Kogi people in Lagos State or you?

This property belongs to me but I gave it out for our Kogi people to meet for formidable leadership to move our region forward. It is my contribution to humanity.

To be continued