See Actress Who Has Refused To Look ‘Ugly’ Even During Pregnancy (Photos)

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When it comes to glamour and style, some Nigerian celebrities sure know how to give themselves that salivating looks and they don't tend to miss it at every lens flashed at them. Even an impending motherhood does not stop them from looking their fabulous best.

 Actresses who have embraced motherhood did not shy away from the paparazzi and have flaunted their cute baby bump in style. Some carry on with their social engagements like it is any other day while some are more flamboyant and open.

Then there are some who choose to be more discreet. But for pretty Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke Faani, no matter the stage of the pregnancy, she still remains a beauty to behold and thinking about when she is in labour then she will be smiling while pushing out her prince/princess in some few months time.