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Any Fool Can Be A Pastor: Controversial Singer Etcetera Slams VP Osinbajo

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When we are talking about those who ought to face their career and stop sticking their nose into somewhere else, it should be Etcetera.

Anyway life is a strategy, career wise, he isn't doing good, but he has been able to attain needed popularity as a critic.

Etcetera doesn't spare his victim, when he decides to attack with words, and this time around, his victim seems to e VP Osinbajo.

In his post, he called out the VP saying any fool can be a pastor. The situation of the country we all know is deteriorating but with a hope that soon we will all have a cause to rejoice.

 In his words: 'Mr. vice president, fix the damn economic mess and leave us to fix our mud houses ourselves. That is if we so choose to. It further proves that Buhari and Osinbajo's government is clueless and dumb in all ramifications. You may want to remind me now to thread softly or of the fact that Osinbajo is a pastor and i should 'touch not my anointed'. mcheeeew… nansense!!! Any fool can be a pastor? Yes, any fool can be a pastor because God can use anyone to do his work. Isn't it a shame that Nigeria and her lingering economic mess are being referenced in other countries as this is the reason why fools should not be allowed into government?'