Public Shame: Ruggedman ‘Slaps’ Tee Mac in Public Over PMAN Crisis


The leadership tussle rocking the Performing Musicians Employers' Association of Nigeria (PMAN) led by Pretty Okafor, is not getting close to an end as the war keeps raging each day that passes by.

 With such leadership tussle in the body that is responsible to coordinate Nigerian artistes it now baffles many on how they can mind the activities of upcoming ones in the industry.

The war has been a lingering issue which involves former PMAN exco, Tee Mac O. Iseli who has been lobbying with some other excos as they try to form another body to counter the said peace of the music body.

Recently, they were spotted with the Minister of Commerce, Chris Ngige, as they have successfully Labor inaugurated a new PMAN caretaker committee which will hold another elections to be supervised by Trade Union director.

This move has not gone down well with rapper, Ruggedman, who could be best identified as the mouth piece of the body as he has been very vocal with the activities happening within the body.

Ruggedman came out publicly to thrash the issue by pointing out that there are some set of people who do not wish for peace to reign in the body as some of those in the said created committee have court issues to deal with.

According to Ruggedman, 'Now that PMAN has started looking like it should, these old people have reared their heads to scatter it. Doesn't the minister know that there are court injunctions on some of these PMAN enemies he is with?'

Ruggedman who is pained by the dirty activities happening behind PMAN directed his views at Tee Mac with various points to go with.

'With due respect, what parallel caretaker committee are you all forming? Same thing the same set of people you are with in this picture have been doing and disrupting PMAN. With due respect Tee mac omatshola you are no longer a PMAN  President or executive, With due respect sir aren't you tired of PMAN official being known for only internal squabbles?

'It's the same you, Kevin Luciano and Orits Wiliki always battling whoever is running. Aren't you tired of this? Must you all bring negative factions to disrupt PMAN all the time? So to us the trade Union PMAN? A veteran like you and Orits stand by and allow the trade union dictate what musicians should do? Is the ministry legally empowered to set up a caretaker committee for a trade union? Is this constitutional? Is the trade union made up of musicians /entertainers? You don see where carpenter dey over see doctor work?

'We all need to at least be real and truthful to ourselves for once. Is the ministry legally empowered to set up a caretaker committee for a trade union? We have had enough of all these old musicians who do nothing but cause disputes within,' he noted.