Keep Away From My Private Life !!! Belinda Effah Warn Fans

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Award-winning star of Apaye, Belinda Effah is trying to hide her private life away from us. She has gone a long way in ensuring that she is scandal free. What sells in the industry is gossip but the actress is not going to let that push her out of her closet.

Belinda in her effort to stay out of trouble says'It has always been my vision to be scandal free, keeping my private life away from my public life. Appreciate me for my movies and what you see on screen, but my life is my life. I treasure that and I just want to keep it that way.'

She has made a lot of sacrifices as an actress:' Filming late into the night and at times in the morning is the greatest sacrifice I have made. At times, we shoot from the morning  to the morning of the next day. Those are sacrifices people can't explain. It takes a toll on me as an actress. It's crazy.'