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Nigeria’s Scrabble Master Doesn’t Mince Words

By Great Big Story
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In Nigeria, Scrabble is a sport, not a game. And Wellington Jighere is just about the best there is.

The 2015 World Scrabble Champion is the first African to hold the title. Jighere is hoping to spread his love for the game and put Nigeria on the map for its Scrabble prowess.

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Wellington Jighere, The World Scrabble Champion:

“Having an African win the world championship is bigger than I can actually comprehend. You needed to have been in the hall to see the jubilation in the hall of our other African brothers.”

“It is going to be a way to help each and every one improve their command of the English language.”

“If I hadn’t played Scrabble I might have been involved with some of the not so legitimate activities and I think that playing Scrabble keeps you on the right track.”

“There’s a lot of similarities between how life actually goes and how Scrabble goes – you get to understand that it’s not all the time that you get things your way. You really have to make the best out of the little you are given.”

“Brazil is known for football – we are hoping to make Scrabble a Nigerian sport.”