Burna Boy's Close Friends Threatens His Career


Nigerian Dancehall artiste, Damini Ogulu popularly known as Burna Boy has acquired a lot of enemies like the way gadgets are acquired by Nigerian celebrities. Unfortunately,  his own enemies are his former friends which makes it a challenging one for him.

The many controversies he  has been embroiled in have seen him  currently struggling to keep his career alive. 'I got a lot of enemies, some of them used to be my friends' he revealed. Since he relocated to Nigeria from London, he has discovered himself but it came with a price, losing a lot of his good friends

'Relocating to Nigeria made me find myself. It made me understand life more and made me see the bigger picture of the world in the grand scheme of things.It helped me recreate myself. I am the kind of guy that takes life as it comes whatever happens, happens. Music is my real wife, every other thing comes after'.He once said

We should not forget that Stella Uju is still at one end waiting to devour him into pieces for putting him in the family way.