How Patience Embarrassed Her Husband in Public

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Nollywood director, Patience Oghre and her husband, ,Osezua Stephen-Imobhio are ten years  into marriage. Sometimes, the two meet on set and the reaction may not as sweet as they may look outside Nollywood.

Patience narrates how they met' We met at a Director's Guild of Nigeria election over a decade ago. A mutual industry friend of ours introduced us. When he requested for my telephone number, I was not aware of his intentions.

However, Patience doesn't care if he is her husband on set 'I pay more attention to his acting whenever he is on my set because he is my husband. On a particular instance, I wasn't satisfied with the way he interpreted his role. At some point, I felt I was too hard on him and he was as embarrassed as my crew were. Even though many felt I was too stern with him, I did that because I wanted nothing short of the best. I have directed him several times and it is always a thrilling and gratifying experience for me.

Though  Osezua didn't propose to her , Patience said 'He did not propose; he literally harassed me to marry him'