Gunman shoots doctor, kills self at Berlin clinic

By The Citizen
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A doctor is in critical condition after being shot by a gunman who subsequently killed himself at a university clinic in Berlin. Police say the situation at the Benjamin Franklin clinic in the southwest of the capital is now under control.

The incident happened at the Benjamin Franklin Clinic, located in the Steglitz district, at around 11:00 GMT.

It emerged that the doctor was shot by the gunman, who later turned the gun on himself. Police say the physician is critically injured and is currently being treated in intensive care.

There are unconfirmed reports from the German newspaper Bild that the doctor is a senior dental surgeon.

Police have released a statement saying the situation is under control and the area has been sealed, adding that there is no danger at present. The law enforcement body also said it does not believe that terrorism was the reason behind the attack.

The building was evacuated and secured soon after the shooting was reported.

Formed following the merger of the Freie Universitat Berlin and Humboldt Universitat, the Benjamin Franklin Clinic is part of one of Europe's largest hospitals. There are four locations across Berlin.