Yes! The Unity of Nigeria Is Not Negotiable


Press Release
By IgboZaraIgbo, Washington, DC
July 24, 2016
The quote by General Buhari, the Maximum dictator of the failed mirage and insult of a country, Nigeria, that ‘the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable’, has been explored thoroughly by members of ALL ethnic nationalities and has been resoundingly rejected by most if not all of them.

In this press release, the members of IgboZaraIgbo bring a different perspective to this most important debate!

“A Contract is a voluntary, deliberate, and legal binding agreement between two or more competent parties, etc.” If we are to renegotiate the so-called unity of Nigeria, the starting point must be what each group or ethnic nationality brings to the table – No one comes to the negotiating table with empty hands or it becomes a case of ‘the horse and the rider’.

The unity of Nigeria is not negotiable today, as the Nigeria contract was never voluntary, deliberate, and therefore, never a negotiated entity. The concept of a contract is measurable upon its essential elements. These voluntary arrangements between two or more parties then become enforceable at any competent law, even at International level. Notwithstanding certain clauses in the contract agreement, only the parties in a contract can re-negotiate the said contract. The whole world is re-negotiating, including the newest between Britain and the European Union.

Individuals, groups, unions, and even nations are re-negotiating from the strengths of constituted contracts. Unfortunately, the marauding Fulani nomads have also been renegotiating Nigeria; harvesting where they never sowed, without a contract.

On the case of Nigeria, you do not re-negotiate something you never negotiated in the first instance. The Nigeria project (contract) was a unilateral arrangement by Britain without the essential elements that make up such agreement. The many forced ethnic nationalities (nations) of the present day Nigeria, including the Biafran territories that predate Nigeria, were not part of the elements. So were not the Nations of Yoruba, the Hausa, the Bini, and others; notwithstanding what the invading Fulani nomads think today. The essential elements of a

contract were never there. Therefore, since God All Knowing did not draw the boundaries of Nigeria, but rather a conceited creation by man, the fraud called Nigeria remains, and will always be, the scorn of the world open to the daily evil beings perpetrated by the rulers of this world; the prince jesters working for the devil himself.

Even the so-called educated elites of the failed and expired British experiment remain confused. Recently, while Professor Wole Soyinka admonishes the former and present leaders of the expired country against their stance on non-negotiability of Nigeria, nevertheless he has a language understanding of “I am on the side of those who say we must do everything to avoid disintegration.” The question from inquiry minds to the professor and people who reason like him is: Was there a formal contract (agreement) of offer and acceptance by the different nations that make up Nigeria by Britain, supposedly in 1914? It seems when people insist that Nigeria must not disintegrate, they are inadvertently echoing the arrogant stance of the invading Fulani nomads and their British slave masters – even when the old evil empire is in the process of disintegration itself. There are only two sets of patriots to the Nigerian experiment, namely:

(a) the naive minds, and
(b) the beneficiaries of the status quo – including Britain and its Western allies, marauding Fulani nomads and their crumb picking agents scattered across the land.

All forced nations (ethnic nationalities) of the Nigeria failed British experiment must prepare to go their separate ways. You cannot force friendship or marriage on any individual or group. The disintegration of Nigeria is inevitable! The research members of IgboZaraIgbo organization came to this noble conclusion as far back as 1996.

Of interest about the Nigeria unity in question, it is important to note that the marauding Fulani nomads have been ferociously renegotiating the Nigeria experiment, with no contract.

• The late Fulani, Abubakar Tafawe Balewa, following the script of his spiritual leader, the Sarduana of Sokoto, threatened to secede from Nigeria during the Macpherson Constitutional debate in 1950 if half of the seats in the Federal Parliament were not granted to the Nigeria “one” Northern population.

• In 1953, the Fulani Sarduana of Sokoto himself, Ahmadu Bello, kicked against the motion for the independence of Nigeria, insisting again that the “one” North (ethnicities) was not ready for such an adventure. The quest for Nigeria Independence was delayed to pacify these nomads, with Britain applauding on the background.

• To avoid retaliation from the Eastern region, and following the pogrom of the aftermath of the 1966 counter-coup, the Nigeria “one” North was ones again, poised to secede from Nigeria. This time around, Britain stepped in, negotiated with the Fulani, and ceded power to them, with a promise to support them by any means necessary in the future. Any

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