Source: nigeriafilms.com

Everybody knows that the duty of guards is to secure life and property of their bosses. But how can one describe this overzealous, egoistic and uncultured special aide attached to the Governor of the Ogun State, Otumba Gbenga Daniel whose major duty is to protect with integrity?

At the funeral ceremony of the business giant's mum, Dr. Mike Adenuga, Yeye Oba Oyindamola in Ijebu Igbo, this aide who put on a black coat on a brown trouser was so saucy harsh in his approach to people. He was unconsciously asking, even the notable guests to get out of his sight.

Methinks, securities are meant to be tutored about how to carry out their duty with discretions. I am very sure; OGD himself wouldn't have employed such uncultured creature as an aide if he had known about his boorish nature. The word, they say, is enough for the wise.