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Bez Reveals Why Cobhams Will Not be Mad if He Leaves Label

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Emmanuel Bezhiwa Idakula, aka Bez is one artiste whose music is quite different from others because it is soul music. In an industry that is dominated by dancehall songs and R and B, Bez is like a gold fish that is yet to be fully appreciated by Nigerians.

He is a close friend to Cohbams who has helped him during the early days of his career. 'He(Cobhams)  actually put me on my first great performance. He hooked me up with Asa in 2008 when I performed alongside her in her concert in Lagos. That was the first time I met Cohbams and he put me on stage. From there, we had a gentleman's agreement and we started working together. We then released my first single in 2009 and my first album two years after, in 2011, and we are still working together. I am still signed under the recording arrangement for his label.

He says why Cobhams will not be mad if he works with other producers 'I am a producer myself. In my head, I can tell you what I want. So, every producer I work with I can actually tell them this is what I want and they infuse their own part into it as well. Recently I have found out that working with other producers is even easier because you have everybody bringing their ideas and arranging everything. So I work with other producers as well, I have worked with Pheelz, I have worked with IBK too and some others.