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No Expectations, No Disappointments; Africa Is Just Africa

By Jumia Travel
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The world’s second largest and second most populous continent with wonderful people and great countries endowed with rich history and heritage. This is Africa !

We are blessed with great resources and all it takes to impact the world and of course Africa is right up there when it comes to the shakers and movers of this world. However, there is often a grave misconception about Africa. A lot of people associate this great continent with wars, poverty and many negative attributes.

A few others also exaggerate the success and potential of Africa. In both cases, the real picture is never painted about us. Jumia Travel , Africa’s leading online hotel booking website attempts to clarify this and create the real picture about Africa. Africa is just Africa.

Achievers - Indeed, the misconception about the impact and contribution of Africans to global development is often considered over the actual achievements of many great African personalities. We are blessed to have several world icons who have worked selflessly to impact the world through charity, leadership, sports, education, health, industry, religion and commerce.

A few high profile names include The late Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Desmond Tutu, Haile Selassie , Abedi Pele, George Weah and Haile Gebrselassie who made diverse impacts on the world in humanitarianism, sports and politics.

Rich in natural resources - When we talk about richness in natural resources, Africa ranks right up there. With countries such as Ghana , Ivory coast and South Africa contributing gold and Cocoa as well as several minerals to the global stock exchange. Countries like Kenya and Tanzania are also very beautiful and have amazing tourist attractions.

Hard working and friendly yet highly industrious people - We are happy people. African’s are very friendly and welcoming. Most Africans are peaceful. Many outsiders usually are misguided by the notion that Africa is full of conflicts and wars. However, although some parts of Africa are hit with wars and crime, the continent is generally very peaceful with friendly and very accommodating people. The vast majority of Africans are also very hardworking and industrious.

Efficiency is a key element of an African’s DNA.

Rapid growth and business development - When many businesses want to expand across various continents, they often begin with Africa. This is because Africa provides a very fertile ground for rapid business growth and development. Many foreign businesses have succeeded in Africa because of the atmosphere, culture and resources of this great continent. The opportunities to expand and achieve are endless.

Now let’s take a look at some of the not so good sides of this continent.

Sustainability and Maintenance culture on the low - If there is a continent where businesses can collapse or fold up as quickly as they rise, that is Africa. Despite the many resources which this continent is blessed with, Africa is plagued with a very bad maintenance culture. Sustainability is not our most cherishable asset and we often struggle to keep facilities and services running for the long term. These days however, trends are changing and many strategic plans are being put in place to ensure that sustainability and maintenance is treated with decorum.

Corruption and Voodoo - It is often quite hilarious when Africa is tagged with corruption. The key question is, where in the world is there no corruption? In almost every corner of the world, corruption exists. The only difference is how publicized it is in Africa. While corruption in other parts of the world is covered, in Africa , it is made so public. The same applies to voodoo popularly known as ‘’Black Magic’’.

Many different tribes in the world believe in different things and have different practices which may be considered a bit scary or evil. However, once the practice or belief doesn’t harm any other person, it is deemed okay. The only problem here is, in Africa voodoo or ’’black magic’’ is touted as evil and unacceptable which mars the general beauty and outside value of this continent.

With all the above mentioned facts and more, one can confidently conclude that Africa is what it is. We have great room for improvement but it is highly imperative that anyone who lives outside the shores of this continent should have no expectations and no disappointments about Africa. Africa is just what it is. Expecting too much often gets us disappointed and underestimating the power of Africa is also detrimental. A balance must therefore be reached when talking about Africa. It is a very unique and blessed continent.