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Obitex And Ifeoma: Powerful Couples Of Helping Hands International With One Focus

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For over seven years, I have been introduced to several foreign networking firms in Nigeria, through friends and media colleagues; hadly did I put interest in any of the networking firms than focusing on my media calling. On the 18th of June, 2016, Ambassador Obitex Emmanuel popularly called by friends and admirers as’Obitex 2020’, personally invited me to Helping Hands International car award event, Lagos zone to present 2015 Mindset Media Achievers Excellence Award, which ought to have been received by him since November, 28, 2015 in Festac Town as the most frontline network marketer of the year, but was postponed as a result of many busy schedules of this great network guru of the 21st century.

On getting to the City Hotel,Ikeja,Off Allen Avenue,one of the popular and well-built ivory city in Lagos State, the mammoth crowd at the venue indicated that helping hands international(H2i) has greatly impacted lives in Nigeria and beyond.

To Mindset Media Limited and Gabrio Voice Magazine,there was nothing to doubt this foreign(Philippine)humanitarian organization that came to Nigeria to touch lives and empower people positively in all ramifications. To some, the house to house foreign herb drug networking has been familiar with many Nigerians, so the arrival of helping hands international was already channeled to such familiar networking system, as this veritable network continues to put smiles on many Nigerians with evidence, people beginning to put a test on it, but today, helping hands international remains one of the creative marketing networks of the century.

Come to Ambassador Obitex Emmanuel, whose poverty-stricken lifestyle as a digital photographer then in Ajegunle, having put hands in several professions to make ends meet and no avail, helping hands international brought instant smiles in the life of Obitex,who was once relegated to the background by his friends and family.

With determination and hardwork in helping hands international, Obitex has become a sought after marketing networker in Nigeria, doing great things for humanity and beyond.

One thing that makes helping hands international(H2i) different from other marketing networks in Nigeria is five kinds of services offered to the public; humanitarian services, trade and skill acquisition services, asset and property support services, financial empowerment services(Business loan and elite club member’s loan) and scholarship award services.

Ambassador Obitex is the South West coordinator and promoter of helping hands international (H2i) and a renowned world-class network marketer with passion for the organization. He is also the director of Hope Alive International, organization that cares for the downtrodden in Nigeria. He remains the fastest growing networking marketer with pedigree.

Ambassador Ifeoma Ngoka is famously called as’Ify4life’ joined Helping Hands International on the 3rd of December 2013, when it was launched in Nigeria. Little did she know that this humanitarian network would resurrect her family from poverty to heavenly wealth? The soft-spoken and elegant network guru, who prefers to be off media but creative underground network marketer of the century, she broke the record for qualifying for her first Ipad within 2 days of registration and several Ipads and laptops followed with many recognitions from the organization.

By December award in 2004, she had qualified for 9 cars. In December 2015, she qualified for another 6 cars. By April 2016, she qualified to be the first ever prime minister of helping hands international. This is the highest position for now in the organization. She has currently produced over 100 car qualifiers under her and made over 100 millionaires.

These two great couples have not only saved dying souls but brought many to limelight through helping hands international. They remain two great H2i couples with one focus and one direction.

Godday Odidi
Image Maker/Blogger

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